♫♪  The Saxophones - “Just You” (Twin Peaks)

That stupid scene is forever burned into my mind. I swear to god I’ll never forgive David Lynch for that one, no matter how many Crazy Clown Time videos he releases.

If you have made it this far, I applaud you. Truly, I do. Clicking on a link with James Hurley in the title is asking for disappointment and regret. We’ve made our opinions on Harley Davidson’s soyboi apparent, but somehow the Oakland husband and wife duo The Saxophones have made us care about Twin Peaks’ resident homewrecker with a cover of Angelo Badalamenti’s “Just You” from The Music of Twin Peaks.

We promise it isn’t as awkward, as out-of-tune, as James as the original. In fact, it’s actually quite lovely.

Any way we can canonize this one, David?

“Just You,” is available on The Saxophones’ Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages, as well as on the B-side to the duo’s new 7-inch, which also features their song “Aloha” that came out this fall.

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