♫♪  Tigerwing - “b. a. b. y.”

Like fashion made of whispers or something elemental. But on-it; there’s a consciousness in modern R&B — crossout: nu-R&B — that relies on each other while remaining individual. The dichotomy becomes of the individual, not against each other. Can this person remain themselves while maintaining a personification that is “artist?” Oh, “b. a. b. y.” Tigerwing has it.

Like a Circus de Soleil, Tigerwing twists reality like vocals blending into saxophone wails, moans/chanting with light timbering beats, breathlessness. Not to mention, breathlessness. And it’s a smooth move. Yo, and that click, amirite? Craft:

We believe in magic,
but not the words we’re saying.

• Tigerwing: https://tigerwing.bandcamp.com

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