♫♪  Tigerwing - “Frail Thing”

The core passage of Alberta’s Tigerwing (a.k.a. Sarah Kelly), whether in collaborative or solo takes, looms around like winter clouds without fail. Even now, as Tigerwing grows further from its conception two years back, it’s dark pop still sleeps in a sturdily built haunt.Make The Rabbits Run, Sarah’s latest album, was self-released in June after two and a video for “coax.” Sizably larger in unruffled vox and production depth, the album draws range to Austra or a darker Autre Nu Veut-like traits, and subtle flashes of vocal mutations. Make The Rabbits Run’s best example is “Frail Thing” – whose video is premiered below.

The video was directed by Sarah and features Alan the Model. Make The Rabbits Run and several other releases are available for download on the Tigerwing Bandcamp.

• Tigerwing: https://tigerwing.bandcamp.com
• Tigerwing: https://soundcloud.com/tigerwing

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