Various Artists: #FREEJONO

Jónó Mí Ló needs our help! Yes, that Jónó. Daytime Television, Teamm Jordann, Dior Nights — you know, Jónó Jónó. Unfortunately, we’re not at liberty to discuss the details of what’s going on, but the good man behind AyGeeTee (a.k.a. Actress Pets) has put together a 48-track benefit compilation called #FREEJONO, which features the likes of Saint Pepsi, Infinity Frequencies, Teams, Lenticular Clouds, and many, many more, all in the service to help good ol’ Jónó. And it’s priced at a minimum of only $3!

According to the #FREEJONO Bandcamp page:

This compilation was free to download in name & practicality only - but too many did (take it free) - so now it’s $3 - the cause of this is to aid our friend Jónó Mí Ló &, in that spirit, we would all appreciate the contribution for download - or anything more, however small (or large) that may be ….

• Daytime Television:
• AyGeeTee:

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