♫♪  Yung Lean - “Gatorade” (Lido Remix)

I’m trying to study for a biology test. I’m not even a biology major. #LiberalArts. Evidently, I’d much rather be a sad-boy sipping Gatorade and/or Arizona. Shedding some tears to this passionate reedit of a post-consumerist/young-ironic classic, however, is giving me fleeting moments of emotional release from memorizing how whole wheat pasta finds its way to my blastopore. Because I learned how to read as a young one, I know that the producer of this silky creation calls himself Lido, and hails from Oslo. It’s a relatively short track, but will have you daydreaming of daydreaming on exponential thread counts with red stains around your lips from Gatorade and/or lipstick. Better still, Lido shows us how to climax like a moneymaker, without a Lex Luger sample kit. It’s pure composition: cinematic, cathartic, and other positively illustrious adjectives that start with a c. Yung Lean makes me want to consume anything he name-drops, and Lido only makes it easier. If you’re Yung Lean and are tryna chill/pay for my flight to Sweden, hit me up. Other than that, enjoy the beauty below.

PS: Lido and Drake need to link. Also, Lido has an EP coming out through Pelican Fly soon..

• Lido: https://soundcloud.com/lidogotsongs
• Yung Lean: https://soundcloud.com/yung-lean-doer

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