♫♪  Guest Mix: Gosheven - Gosheven is hot, and his mix is even hotter

Bálint Szabó (a.k.a. Gosheven, a.k.a. Gosheven is hot) isn’t stopping anytime soon. His exquisite (and Wire-approved) debut Leaper was released only last year, but we’re currently on the brink of experiencing even more alternate-tuning goodness from the Budapest-based SHAPE affiliate: Bivaq, his equally hot follow-up, drops on Opal Tapes TODAY via CD and digital formats. In case you’re interested in hearing and seeing what it’s going to sound like, C Monster did some premiering for the “Until Exhaustion” video.

If you’d also like to hear some of Gosheven’s “diverse inspirations from [the] past and present” (a.k.a. music that he’s into), I’m delighted to inform you that that is very much possible. In fact, the following mix — put together by Gosheven — is here for precisely that purpose. It includes some interesting stuff indeed, ranging from Jóhann Jóhannsson (RIP <3) and Wooley, Lytton, Grubbs to Gosheven’s improv band 12z and Oneohtrix Point Never (damn, “Betrayed In The Octagon” was released in 2013).

I won’t delay this for any longer. Check out the tracklist below and enjoy the ride. True wonder:

[00:00] Wooley, Lytton, Grubbs - “Seven Storey Mountain” (excerpt)
[14:42] Ian William Craig - “Before Meaning Comes”
[17:51] Jóhann Jóhannsson - “Odi Et Amo”
[20:51] Jessica Moss - “Entire Populations (pt 3)”
[26:42] Felix Lajko - “Live At Academy” (excerpt)
[32:53] Nine Horses - “The Banality Of Evil”
[40:48] Hyperactive Kid - “Der Denker”
[43:17] 12z - “White Mountain Apache Knows No Fear”
[52:50] Oneohtrix Point Never - “Betrayed In The Octagon”
[56:09] Arve Henriksen - “Opening Image”

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