♫♪  Gosheven - “Island Of Unknown Joys”

Spiraling into a pitfall of maniAc episodes of pure terror underestimated by anxiety, but really everyone IS looking at you. Drift out now to the “Island Of Unknown Joys.” Take yourself into the soft narration of lyrics whispered in a thick jungle opening a fearless mindset both aggressive with beat and submissive in vocals, dawning the ambient melody in the distance. Gazing.

Opal Tapes continues its 2017 discography with more flames. Out NOW(!!!!) is Gosheven’s debut release, Leaper in textures that wrap in stereo, yin-yanging mediums that surround one in complete heat. Spice up your ears with “Island Of Unknown Joys” in the mean time, and head on over to Opal Tapes to purchase Leaper.

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