♫♪  Gosheven - “Until Exhaustion”

Gosheven is hot. The SHAPE-affiliated artist’s Bandcamp say he gotti that #50 on WIRE’s “who the fuck b hot in 2017, b” list. My wife would love Gosheven. My wfie b hot, b. And Gosheven b hot. So it’s a match made in tennis. Triple double my guitar loop on the mellow space-age zoom-in. All sorts of mens too. A comma before the, “too.”

You hear about the twin who went into space and came back with a whole new set of chromosomes? Like, pair his chromosomes with his twin’s chromosomes, and shit b whack, b. Ima be real about this, but SPACE IS THE PLACE. Them Egyptians were right about Ra: let’s b an orbit, b. We can spin together in harmony. It’s a pace in this place. A community. Be w/ me. Infinity.

Opal Tapes b dropping the new Gosheven release Bivaq (pre-0rder) on cassette and digital on April 13. Feel free. You deserve this and everything, forever. “Until Exhaustion” is a servant’s dream in an automatic industry. Let go:

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