♫♪  Candace - “New Future”

When you hit play on the video below, you’re probably going to wonder why it sounds so familiar, but as you contemplate the band’s name, you’ll say, “Candace? Never heard of ‘em!” The thing is, Candace has been lighting it up the past few years, although you may remember them as Is/Is. The last we heard from them was Fall 2015, with the solid Return to Zero EP. As they move forward under their new name, the core trio remains the same, and they continue with the misty, shoegaze seared rock hinted at on previous releases. The video above, the title track to their latest LP, New Future, rolls along with home videos of the band heading out to the coast, taking in the sunny day and enjoying the scenery. The track itself, a slow burning, fuzzed out ballad, employs the signature sound of previous releases, but with the depth and maturity of a band that’s getting better as they keep going. Keep a watch for New Future, due for release March 22 via Found Object.

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