♫♪  Così e Così - Being You Black Utopia

Following along the same lines as Dracula Lewis, Farewell My Concubine, and Nicolas, Così e Così is getting DARK. Forget about the release’s picture and focus on the music. It’s grim, lingering, and contemplative. The energy level here is low in expression, but vast in the combination of sounds. Following his January’s release Self Exit, Being You Black Utopia has flooded the senses in terms of emptiness, but continues along the lines of collaboration with other musicians. As Self Exit had featured Diamond Terrifier, Being You Black Utopia features undt.h and T Funk who also provided production along with Michael Morley.

Generally speaking, if the face on Così e Così’s Being You Black Utopia cover art doesn’t give you a sense of disconnection from being, then you’re probably already faceless in your own right, and are continuing to die that long slow burning life you lead. Which is chill. That’s TOTALLY chill to me, yo. Let’s be friends? OR, you can find a friend in Così e Così’s …Black Utopia. Listen to the new album below, and keep on the lookout for new grimness in the Così e Così camp soon:

• Così e Così: http://cosiecosi.bandcamp.com

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