♫♪  Ducktails - “Light A Candle”

Fresh off a tour with TMT mainstay James Ferraro and alien communications-transmitter Typhonian Highlife, Matt Mondanile is bright-eyed, bushy-(duck)tailed, and unseasonably prolific. In the wake of two demo compilations released in as many months, he’s slated the debut of his sixth Ducktails LP, Jersey Devil, for October 6. If the record sleeve’s bi-lingual obi strip and monochrome color palette haven’t clued you in, the joint contains Mondanile’s funkiest and (dare I say) most vaporwave-y compositions to date. Think of it as a less gritty silver-screen reboot of his earlier material — juiced-up vocal mixes of his largely instrumental efforts pressed by Olde English Spelling Bee back in the day.

Following up leadoff single “Map to the Stars,” “Light a Candle” waxes Rundgren-esque, threading flourishes of Rhodes keyboard and squealing guitar through a patchwork of 70s pop motifs. “Let’s burn this city down,” Mondanile coos without a hint of malice. He’s fixated on the flame, sans surroundings or consequences. The ignitable in question might as well be a Roman candle, sending celebratory flares out into the night sky — “Light A Candle” revels in its own brilliance, lens fixed upward, catching any sparks that amble through.

“As the glow reflects into your eyes / Make a promise till the end of time.”

Pre-order the Duck’s upcoming album here, and listen to “Light a Candle” below.

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