Ducktails releases 2nd sexy comp. of unreleased tracks, asks his favorite pals at TMT to tell you all about it

Ducktails releases 2nd sexy comp. of unreleased tracks, asks his favorite pals at TMT to tell you all about it

Not to BRAG or anything, but, like…the other day, Matt Mondanile (c’mon, you know him) — he, like totally hits-up TMT on Facetime and is all-like: “guys, I have another sweet archival comp. of unreleased shit that I just put out, and I really want you dudes to tell the cyber-world about it…if you’re into that kinda thing…maybe?”

So…we’re all-like, trying to play it real chill, and we respond: “okay, kewl,” (yeah, pronounced as if it was spelled that way!!) “but, like, what’s the BIG DIFF between this one and that last one you just put out not too long ago??”

But Mondanile’s playin’ it soooo cooooool at this point; like total POKER FACE and shit. There’s a pause. And then? He’s just like, “YO, TWO THINGS:”

1. “Recorded, Written and Produced by Saint Matthew 2013 - 2016 in Los Angeles.”

2. “This is a collection of songs, some with words and most without. Some are finished, some are not, and some never will be.”

NEEDLESS to friggin’ say, our metaphorical jaws are hitting the metaphorical floor by now. But somehow, we are STILL PLAYING IT SUPER COOL! And we’re just like: “well, that’s kewl. We guess we could throw out a few deets about it at some point? Maybe along the lines of…”

1. “It’s out now via New Images Ltd. (as opposed to New Images Ltd; although, he might have hit THEM up about this too before he called US, who the heck even knows right?!?).”

2. “You can order your copy here after you’ve sampled side B’s opener, ‘Car Delivered,’ down below.”

SO, Matt calmly says he’d be “down with all that.” Then he just casually mentions a few live shows he’s got coming up, hits us w/ that patented Mondanile-Smile and signs off!

AT WHICH POINT, we’re basically all looking around the room at one another like…!!!!!!!

Hummingbird Babysitter tracklisting:

Side A
01. Light Upon The Hill
02. Tomorrow
03. Martin Kippenberger
04. Exotica
05. G F Bass
06. Two-Way Mirror
07. Comfort
08. Slow Wit

Side B
01. Car Delivered
02. Saturday
03. Living In The Dark
04. I Don’t Mind
05. Nov 17th
06. Convertible
07. Flying in Neutral Like a Magic Carpet Ride

live dates n’ shit:

06.29 San Francisco, CA - The Independent
06.30 Los Angeles, CA - The Hi-Hat
07.03 San Diego, CA - Blonde Bar
07.07 Jersey City, NJ - Monty Hall

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