Ducktails Daffy Duck in Hollywood

[New Images Ltd.; 2017]

Styles: coastal diary, life in paradise, mid-morning jam
Others: Mark Mulachy, Ariel Pink, Walter Wanderley

Prying open the dishwasher this morning, I was caught off guard when the steam from the machine began to pour out, filling my nose and lungs with a burning absence of form that left me temporarily breathless. Instead of retreating, I just soaked in the heat, letting it bathe my forehead and eyes, which had begun to water at a surprising rate. Standing there, in an awkward hunch, I gazed into this culinary abyss, right until the last remnants of hot air had escaped from their kitchen-side chasm. Once it was clear, I sighed a room-temperature sigh and slipped a spoon from the gated holder.

To Self:

#1 Matt Mondanile is still on the move, but with this one, he’s just showing us where he’s been.

#2 There are songs here, but it doesn’t really matter. The sounds speak for themselves, cutting straight to the core of what Ducktails has been trying to tell us all along.

#3 Each track is a slice of simple bliss, all rainy day drums, guitar, keyboards like sea foam, and occasional voice.

#4 It’s the scattered traces of feeling that you get from being in a place (in this case, Los Angeles).

#5 Sure, it’s low-key, just a trinket for those who are curious. But who couldn’t use some more curiosity in their day-to-day?

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