♫♪  Oaht - “Grillz”

Hot time summer in the city. “Simon says about 2,400 pounds of explosives have been planted in one of Tiny Mix Tapes’ 5,446 Chocolate Grinder posts. Attempt to evacuate the News Feed and the bomb will be detonated by YouTube.”

By now you need to recognize that Oaht is the Peter Gruber of this video premiere ish; palpable tension stoked by enigmatic threats, stretched tighter than a size M tank top, violence always imminent. Case in point like a metal container in Central Park: this video was supposed to premiere last Friday, but Oaht is from Barcelona (“Sad day :( all my people safe,” he replied, thankfully), and “Grillz” was probably already too soon before it actually was.

Fidgeting uneasily, denouement clouded by news cycle predictability and a world that seems hell bent on undoing itself as if it already hadn’t, “Grillz” anticipates Oaht’s upcoming EP and premieres below.

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