♫♪  Oaht - “Tyger” ft. Bogosi Sekhukhuni

Ghosts have been making music for as long as the living, possibly longer. That much is a given. What concerns us today is not the songs of ghosts, but rather, the ghosts of songs; not the idea that music can be haunting or even haunted, but the notion that haunt and haunter are themselves music, or should we say, were music? If there’s a way for us to qualify, let alone critically assess, such phantasmic expressions, well … we at Tiny Mix Tapes will certainly give it the old college try.

What happens to a person’s brain the first time he or she sits down and listens to Ironman front to back? Is there even a scientific explanation for it? Once we’ve exhausted all of rationality’s resources, poetic wizardry is our only recourse. Now that what we previously experienced as “the real world” has finally submitted to the conspiracy against reality, the fun can truly begin. It’s amazing how much starts making sense when sense itself doesn’t.

We could tell you that Oaht is a producer from Barcelona, and that Viollentsia Divina, his new EP for Sweat Taste is a sonic essay on violence, one “built through drone cartography, eskimo-smithing and gazes beyond event horizon,” but here say hearsay and heresy too. Likewise, we could posit that “Tyger” featuring Angelboyz Choir’s Bogosi Sekhukhuni is not a song but the ghost of one, and that its video, filmed by Loida García in Munich, Brussels, Yambol, and Barcelona, and premiering below, only looks the way it does because the world has already ended. But better you just press play, look and listen for yourself.

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