♫♪  Oaht - “Moses Bridge”

Topsail Island Air Combat champion of 1998, Bobby “Action” Jack Anderson logged 60 flight hours in the cockpit each week, according to the estimate of one local arcade proprietor; so much time that the teen developed a cult following among young islanders who spent their leftover lunch money on candies and cokes for Bobby, just to get a closer look at his latest flight patterns and perhaps if they were lucky, the rare insider tip. Yes sir, Bobby lived, ate and breathed Air Combat … and as it turned, he dreamed it too.

Now, from the hive mind that brought you Air Combat and drone warfare comes “Moses Bridge,” a military industrial flight simulator born of an arcade but built for a club where jail wardens and jet-setting executive assistants can unite, joysticks in hand. As opposed to the “realistic-phisical-irl-dirty images” of “Tyger,” “Moses Bridge” offers gamers “a travel through the world via google earth plus the overlay of some social media/private life images,” Oaht explains. “This time the story is different.” Put your quarters up.

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