♫♪  Samantha Glass - “Garden of Instinct”

That Sunday night drive out to your favorite visual in town. A perfect haze that catches the glimmer in your eye. Spectacles of night-vision shatter the reality of destination. But this is the way to the spot: “Garden of Instinct.” Samantha Glass in the front seat, sheathing the bloody dagger. Interminable on who or which will rise. The slow spirit of abandoning all human comforts and becoming Earth. Mist rising from a body into a cloud of light glimmering green off all the interior leaves.

Through his label Golden Cloud Tapes, one could’ve been certain that with the 2015 line-up thus far, old Beau Devereaux (a.k.a. Samantha Glass) would’ve emerged within the dronier distance of music than digging further into the loner/outsider territory. “Garden of Instinct” clearly showcases this feel. Vocally, he blends the softer angles of no-wave/shoegaze with the chant of Al Cisneros, weaving meandering melodious keys, minimal enSnaring beats, blacked-out bass, and fluxing noises akin to Chicklette or Russian Tsarlag. So click play and take that ride to the next Sunday night sacrifice below:

Yo, this is about to FUUUUUUUCK you up: streaming below is the entirety of Samantha Glass’ newest digital album Entering the Visible Winds of Spring, from which “Garden of Instinct” is plucked. And it’s nothing short of seasonal change paradise. There ARE dronier works on here, mingling the sound of his voice. Plenty of the loner/outsider vibe-of-fives. Noises that’d make you go “Mmmmmdamn.” Graced guest vocals from Stina B. Seaberg. Also — something weirdly, but appropriately out of fashion — it grips on the same “I’m a king in my own right” SWAG that Drake does in If You’re Reading This… (TMT Review) through the “ownership” of a new sound. As Beau rips this fluid and workable in-/decline blueprint around nine tracks, Entering the Visible Winds of Spring provides listeners with the ability to feel unique and refreshed by the moveable plateau Devereaux allows ears to traverse with him upon. So take the fucking ride:

• Samantha Glass: https://samanthaglasswi.bandcamp.com

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