♫♪  Samantha Glass - “Surreal Findings”

I think what I like MOST about Samantha Glass (Beau Devereaux) is how similar and different his music is in relation to some of my other favorite crooners. Russian Tsarlag got the Mid-West, mattress in a basement, VHS-eyes feel. Nicolas grips at a more aggressively subtle and (obviously) Spanish-esque vibe that brings a heavy foreign mystery to ears. Bernardino Femminielli harnesses a very passionate and slicked back hair — open mouth kiss upon first look — aesthetic. And Lee Noble will scare you shitless in the calmest way possible.

Samantha Glass brings that same patient synth and beat, deep vocaled song writing that is way more pensive within organic surroundings. More like an echo that resonates throughout trees in a canopied area. Seen in the video for “Surreal Findings,” viewers are privy to distorted visions of natural and ONCE natural images in a variety of filters that careens into mutating dust(??) that seem almost lifelike. Also, if the Dorval & Deveraux project has anything to say about his musical talent AND ethics of working with other solo musicians, it seems like the fellah is just warming up. As well as organizing ownership of Golden Cloud Tapes, Beau can totally continue his “A-GAME” (possibly) into the next decade. There’s so much to unravel here and there.

Samantha Glass’ newest EP Surface Water Perception is being released through Sacred Phrases on tape early next month, which contains the track “Surreal Findings.” Check out the video below!

• Samantha Glass: https://soundcloud.com/samanthaglass
• Sacred Phrases: http://www.sacredphrases.com

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