♫♪  PC Music - Dead Or Alive [stream, Halloween 2014]

Hey. It’s my 1,000th post on Tiny Mix Tapes as C Monster. Check it out! Right? I shoulder-shrugged, too. ‘Cause if you REALLY want to know how many people care, you’d share this post ANYWHERE. As that will be digital proof I’ve no real “fans” than I do have people passing by. But if you ARE a fan out there, and wanna prove to a brother that you got his back — as I have for a plethora of musicians/artists/labels/bands/groups/etc. throughout three-ish years — I’d be honored beyond my meager imagination can provide. And I thank you for always reading Tiny Mix Tapes and the Chocolate Grinder section. As well, I’d like to thank Mr P and ex-TMTer Keith Kawaii for always supporting my nonsense and never firing me.

When I joined TMT, I was living with my Grams on Long Island (which everyone thinks is hardly part of NYC, but unfortunately that’s untrue; it’s NOT far enough away from NYC), had all my natural teeth, and dreamed of writing about EVERYTHING I loved about current music. Now, I’m living with my fiancée who I saved from being hit by a car, got hit by a car, am now missing two teeth, and am continuing to write about EVERYTHING I love about current music. As well, generally just helping people get their art/voice/opinion/creativity out there for other. And I’m still around. Email me! Hit me up on Twitter! I love you.

ALSO, and most importantly, thanks to EVERYONE I’ve covered for making this happen. Y’allz music has kept me sane enough to reach 1000, as I may have told you, one way or another.

It’d be needless to write anything about the monstrosity PC Music conducted during Halloween, entitled Dead Or Alive. Half these producers are in the UK, right? And they put on a Halloween party? LAWLZOME! The mixes are all AMAZING. Fucking farting and Jurassic Park samples. Not hooked yet? GFOTY “hates Halloween” too and gives a groundbreaking DIVA-style performance in there. Also, scope A.G. cook up some nasty “LIVE!” It’s all “LIVE.”

Also, nothing changes. After 1,000 posts, Mr P is still telling me what to do. Especially when it comes to his private fan art. See a bit of his crazy below:

• PC Music: http://pcmusic.info

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