Yung Lean Warlord

[Year0001; 2016]

Rating: 1/5

Styles: white people problems, Millennial naiveté, manual work under a bus
Others: being on your parents’ cellular family plan, … im so sad :(((it’s ok. …

Think about it. If he does win, he’ll be assassinated within the first year. One of the wealthiest people in the world gets killed in front of all the people of the world. The leader of the “FREE” world. Then allllll the theorists flutter like there’s no more porn left in The Matrix. An’ there’s plenty of porn left in The Matrix. Following the introduction to New World Order, Yung Lean gets Warlord tattooed in braille across his left thigh an’ all the Sad Boys follow.

But why even concern yourself with a profession or industry/market/atmosphere that wants less to do with you than recycling? Like i like i like i fucking SAID: porn. But shit-shifty; cheap webcams b/c that’s the aesthetic. An’ AP Style Guide now accepts “b/c” an’ “an’” with clarity visa-vi dic·tion·ar·y. But ESL. It’s NEWE ENGLISH. Not like anyone else is watching you forfeit Self. But tattoo. And a verbal hair color style. Wait, did u even notice Yung Lean this year?

Your nite-lite’s astrology cast upon the ceiling:

Making headway. Feeling like how-to guides on leadership are as Google searchable as C++ or Java Script or describing to your 55-year-old friend that basic HTML code is easier than counting beers on the wall. Remedy now is listening to Sound System by 311. But if you huff enough, that raise is just around the corner from those half-day-a-month honeymoons. So live a little. Caring about making the mark is like noticing a tan that’s faded. Yeah, the thong lines show, but them toes still itchy like a motherfucker. Aye, Yung Lean! Yung Lean, Ima put Warlord on a CD-R an’ itch my toes with it, chill?

Imagine if karma WERE real. An’ what you do right now totally effects the tome of eternity you cannot see. *SMASH CUT TO: Stephen dressed as Bowie kicking some dude out of his 2007 Halloween party, but the guy wants to stay, even though nobody wants him there* Yung Lean, listening to Warlord is like thinking of Napoleon beating himself up. It’s intentional. But being played a fool and submitting are different topics (wholly); it’s fucking cold up in here. So I see you, Yung Lean. You’re just stoked because you were the first to grab the name Warlord across all gaming platforms. Human beings are liars. All of them. “Chicken. And. Broccoli.”

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