Beth Orton returns with new album Kidsticks

Beth Orton returns with new album Kidsticks
Photo: Tierney Gearon

British vocalist Beth Orton is back. Not just physically, in the sense that after a four-year hiatus she’s just announced the forthcoming release of her sixth album called Kidsticks, which is out May 27 via ANTI-. But Orton is also back in a spiritual/artistic sense, returning to the trippy electronic excursions she cut her teeth on singing with her buddies Will Orbit, Andy Weatherall, Keiran Hebden, The Chemical Brothers, Red Snapper, and others. But you get the point: she’s did a lot of left-field dance stuff before she became known for her acoustic ballads.

Kidsticks was co-produced by Orton and Andrew Hung from Fuck Buttons, and the lead track “Moon” is a positive indication that the two are hellbent on inserting Orton’s lovely voice into some pretty heavy electronic noise.


01. Snow
02. Moon
03. Petals
04. 1973
05. Wave
06. Dawnstar
07. Falling
08. Corduroy Legs
09. Flesh and Blood
10. Kidsticks

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