Bonaventure unleashes Free Lutangu EP on PTP, shares new track “Supremacy” (perfect for your cell phone’s next WAKE-UP alarm)

Bonaventure unleashes Free Lutangu EP on PTP, shares new track "Supremacy" (perfect for your cell phone's next WAKE-UP alarm)
Photo: Jan Kapitaen

Having grown up in Lausanna, Switzerland as a product of “mixed African and European heritage,” noise/electronic/sound-collage artist Bonaventure (a.k.a. Soraya Lutangu) knows firsthand that all the real-est, raw-est, juiciest parts of life on this shit rock called Earth are NEVER just one-way-or-the-other. Quite the opposite, in fact: the coolest and most interesting shit always seems to come to us as thrillingly mangled, bewilderingly fucked-up concoctions of sweetness and pain…sorrow and exuberance…love and hate.

After initially busting out last year with her “Complexion” single (released on NON Worldwide), Lutangu is back with a brand new EP on the PTP (fka Purple Tape Pedigree) label. Her new alchemical batch of soft poetry and hard sludge is called Free Lutangu, and according to the press release, it “explores themes of institutional racism and oppression,” accosting listeners with these issues head-on from the very first blast of noise that kicks-off opening track “Supremacy” (a stomping, post-apocalyptic, zombie-rave jam that liberally samples Sister Souljah’s speech from the Bill Moyers PBS series Listening to America).

The Free Lutangu EP comes out digitally via PTP on May 12 — with a vinyl edition slated for release later this summer, including a “Complexion remix package, featuring Endgame, Ziúr, Prison Religion (False Prophet & Poozy), Y1640 (Coucou Chloe & Sega Bodega), Jackie, and PTP label head Geng.” But you can pre-order the digital version now, and check out “Supremacy” for yourself down below…possibly while you sit back and contemplate all the other compelling pairs of opposites that make this horrendous life worth living? — it’s really up to you how far you wanna take this.

Free Lutangu EP tracklisting:

01. Supremacy
02. Mulatre
03. Hopelessness
04. Synchronicity
05. Diaspora
06. Fearlings feat. Hannah Black
07. Complexion (Y1640 Remix) - vinyl edition
08. Complexion (Ziúr Remix) - vinyl edition
09. Complexion (Prison Religion Remix) - vinyl edition
10. Complexion (Endgame Remix) - vinyl edition
11. Complexion (Jackie Remix) - vinyl edition
12. Complexion (Geng Remix) - vinyl edition

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