Planet Mu to release Bonaventure’s Mentor this November

Planet Mu to release Bonaventure's Mentor this November

Better look out: Discwoman member Bonaventure is continuing her forceful stampede onto the scene. Naming her project after a deceased nephew, the Swiss-Congolese producer Soraya Lutangu has already performed at Berghain Säule, Creepy Teepy in Prague, Club All in Shanghai, Moogfest, and H0l0 in New York City.

On November 9, check out Mentor — her Planet Mu debut, it’s very much in the vein of Jlin and that OKZharp / Manthe Ribane collab. Pre-order the album from Planet Mu here and listen to the track “Impetus” below:

Mentor tracklisting:

01. Physarum
02. Mentor
03. Nemesis
04. Colony (Ft. Debby Friday)
05. Impetus
06. Both (Ft. Hannah Black)

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