Goblin’s full score for Dario Argento’s Phenomena to be released on vinyl

Goblin's full score for Dario Argento's Phenomena to be released on vinyl

If you had to name one European band that successfully made the transition from over-indulgent prog rock to scoring films, you’d most likely pick Tangerine Dream. That’s understandable, even if just based on the star power of the directors the Germans collaborated with (William Friedkin, Michael Mann, etc.). A very fitting second pick could be Goblin, an Italian band that followed the same path but mostly lent its services to low-budget, impressionistic European horror films; more of a niche genre, if not an outright acquired taste Anyhow, Goblin’s influence and stature have kept on growing for the last couple of years, as their music started to be cited as an influence by bands from fields as diverse as symphonic metal and experimental electronic music. This resurgence has included a reunion tour and vinyl reissues of their back catalog. The latest album to be included in this series is their soundtrack for Dario Argento’s Phenomena, which has just been announced.

Phenomena was released in the US in 1985 as Creepers, and features Jennifer Connelly’s big-screen debut, starring as a young girl whose coming-of-age story intertwines with the discovery that she has psychic abilities that allow her to communicate with insects. Though Goblin, Argento’s regular collaborators, had developed a full-blown score, the OST’s original release included tracks by Motörhead, Andi Sex Gang, Iron Maiden, and Bill Wyman, somewhat marginalizing the Italians’ work. Those previously un-issued tracks have been released on CD before, but are coming out on vinyl for the first time. Besides, this is one of the rare instances of Goblin working as a band in the 1980s, since the group’s line-up had been shifting since the late-70s — actually, just two original members, Claudio Simonetti and Fabio Pignatelli, recorded this album.

Perhaps as a result of the departures and the influence of non-band material, Phenomena’s soundtrack is quite an intriguing listen. Take the title track, which straddles the line between power metal and trance, or the 80s-synths-galore of “Sleepwalking.” Don’t expect a rehash of the revered Sung-Tongs-era-AnCo-scoring-a-coven sound of Suspiria (1975), nor the Tubular-Bells-by-way-of-Tangerine-Dream style of Profondo Rosso (1975), nor even their Italo-disco-influenced work for Tenebre (1982) — naturally, all Argento movies. This is 80s Goblin at the peak of their prog-rocking powers, as they say.

The reissue includes the five tracks that were originally released with the movie soundtrack, plus one unused composition previously featured in the CD release of the album, as well as seven alternate versions and outtakes. The first 500 copies of the album will be pressed on clear vinyl; all will come with extensive liner notes by head Goblin fan Fabio Capuzzo and images by Roberto Attanasio. The album will be out on August 26, via AMS.

Phenomena tracklisting:

01. Phenomena
02. Jennifer
03. The wind
04. Sleepwalking
05. Insects
06. Jennifer’s friend
07. Phenomena (film version 1)
08. Jennifer (end titles)
09. The wind (film versions)
10. Sleepwalking (alternate)
11. Insects (film versions)
12. Jennifer’s friends (alternate)
13. Phenomena (piano solo)

• Goblin: http://www.backtothegoblin.com
• AMS: http://www.btf.it

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