Goblin to play live soundtrack to Dario Argento’s Suspiria at the Housecore Horror Film Festival, attend and prove yourself the Gothiest of your friends!

Goblin to play live soundtrack to Dario Argento's Suspiria at the Housecore Horror Film Festival, attend and prove yourself the Gothiest of your friends!

Goblin are as important to electronic music as Kraftwerk. Now that I have your attention with that hyperbolic and probably indefensible statement, I’m going to explain it as if it were neither of those things. Goblin’s scores for Dario Argento’s films during the 70s and 80s formed a blueprint (along with John Carpenter and Fabio Frizzi, but let’s stay focused) for the likes of Xander Harris, Umberto, Mater Suspiria Vision, a good chunk of the “witch house” movement and, if we are being honest, probably The Haxan Cloak. And that’s just bands that are still active; Coil sampled Goblin back in the 90s, which is basically like knighting them, in my never-humble opinion.

That previous series of wild and largely unsubstantiated claims I made? That was all for your benefit, gentle reader. Let me put it this way: have you ever stumbled upon a band only to find that they just toured through your town naught but two months ago? Do you remember the feelings of regret upon the realization that the songs that now have 50+ plays on your iPod could have been vibrating straight through you live? Well one of those normally overlooked events is coming up: Goblin is playing a live soundtrack to Suspiria during the course of the Housecore Horror Film Festival. The $175 price tag for a three-day ticket is pretty hefty, but being that this is the first time Goblin has played in the good ol’ USA it’s worth it. So now that the importance of this event has been explained, if you have the expendable income to both fly to Austin, Texas around October 25-27 of this year and get yourself a ticket to the show, you have no choice but to go. You will be compelled to, in fact. Now aren’t you happy this was brought to your attention?

• Goblin: http://www.backtothegoblin.com
• Housecore Horror Film Festival: http://housecorehorrorfilmfestival.com

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