NYC noise pop artist L’Rain announces self-titled debut album on Astro Nautico

NYC noise pop artist L'Rain announces self-titled debut album on Astro Nautico

Visibility is an illusion. Certitude is over rated. Who’s ready to open up and accept a little obscurity in their lives? Brooklyn experimental pop auteur Taja Cheek is here to help.

The artist and musician has announced her debut full-length album via Astro Nautico. And, in keeping with the inclination to skew perceptions, the album will be self-titled and released under her new moniker L’Rain on September 15.

More than just a new name (and a debut album title), L’Rain became an accidental ode to Cheek’s mother (Lorraine), who died during the production of the album. A resultant sorrow permeates the lead single “A Toes (A Shelf Inside Your Head)” — as well as the whole album.

In addition to a nascent sadness, L’Rain is filled with experiments in looping, field recording, layered vocals and guitar arpeggios that call to mind the best moments of Stereolab or Frank Ocean’s Endless. The album — which you can pre-order now — also features contributions from Kyp Malone (TV On The Radio), Jeremy Powell, and Andrew Lappin. Listen to “A Toes” down below, and embrace the comfort in the chaos.

L’Rain tracklisting:

01. Heavy (But Not In Wait)
02. Stay, Go (Go, Stay)
03. Bat
04. Alive and a Wake
05. Benediction
06. A Toes (A Shelf Inside Your Head)
07. Go Stay (Stay, Go)
08. July 14, 2015
09. Which Fork / I’ll Be

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