Paul McCartney reissues 1971’s Ram in six dizzying formats, which is just fine by me!

Paul McCartney reissues 1971's Ram in six dizzying formats, which is just fine by me!

It’s a scenario you’re bound to encounter if you spend enough time near the “M” section in any record store anywhere. Or maybe even in “P” if your local LP parlor happens to be yokel-owned and operated:

Sweaty dude #1: Goddammit Paul McCartney sucks.

Sweaty dude #2: Yeah, but Ram is pretty good.

Sweaty dude #1: Yeah. (Wipes nose on Rush shirt)


Yes, bewitching and fully realized fictional constructs, Paul and Linda McCartney’s 1971 album is indeed a good one. So good in fact that the Droopy Dog Beatle himself is reissuing the ever-loving shit out of it on May 22. Presumably still high off of winning 2012’s Best Historical Album Grammy for his mammoth reissue of Band on the Run (seriously) and the McCartney/McCartney II reissues, Sir Paul is letting go of the horns and unleashing Ram on the public in no fewer than six different formats. Fans can choose from the standard single-disc CD with the original 12-song lineup, or the two-disc special edition with eight bonus tracks, or the four-CD/one-DVD/one-112-page-book deluxe box set, or the double-LP 180-gram vinyl, or the single-disc limited edition mono vinyl, or just fucking downloading it on iTunes. Tracklists aren’t available yet for all those bonus features, so keep a close eye on AARP Magazine’s culture section for the next couple weeks or just play “Long Haired Lady” on a constant loop until the answer reveals itself upon the dancing wind or something.

Ram tracklisting:

01. Too Many People
02. 3 Legs
03. Ram On
04. Dear Boy
05. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
06. Smile Away
07. Heart of the Country
08. Monkberry Moon Delight
09. Eat at Home
10. Long Haired Lady
11. Ram On
12. The Back Seat of My Car

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