Ryan Power seduces your ears next month with a new album for NNA Tapes

Ryan Power seduces your ears next month with a new album for NNA Tapes

TMT Action News is excited to bring you the EXCLUSIVE story of a brand spanking new Ryan Power album to be released on NNA Tapes June 25. TMT: unless you like know Ryan Power’s mom or something, you heard it here first.

Titled Identity Picks, Power’s sixth album (and second for NNA, following last year’s I Don’t Want to Die) offers up eight lusciously intimate jazz-pop gems crafted to make you smile as you drive down the boulevard with your windows down, the sun in your eyes, and the wind in your hair. Unless you listen to the actual lyrics, that is, which are cuttingly personal and a bit of a contrast to the smooth stylings of the album’s overall tone. Think Kaputt with a little more atmosphere as penned by Will Oldham and produced by Hot Chip. Believe me, it works! Listen to “The Prize” below.

In other news, I kept typing Powter instead of Power, which lead me to read all about Susan Powter, so I’m going to go eat something healthy for my body now to accompany the highly nutritious ear candy my auditory canals just digested thanks to Mr. Power. Yum! Mark your calendars and get in on the action next month.

Identity Picks tracklisting:

01. Sample Lives
02. The Prize
03. New Attitude
04. Sweetheart
05. Earth to Fuckface
06. Identity Picks
07. Well on Your Way
08. Rip the Blood

• Ryan Power: http://ryanpower.org
• NNA Tapes: http://nnatapes.com

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