Scott Walker’s Bish Bosch to become multimedia extravaganza… extravaganza is definitely the wrong word

Scott Walker's Bish Bosch to become multimedia extravaganza... extravaganza is definitely the wrong word

Good news for those of you in the middle section of the Venn diagram that includes the sets “people who either live in Australia or are going there this summer” and “people who have always wanted to feel like Scott Walker is literally inside of their brain.” From May 24 through June 10, everyone’s favorite not-actually-British songsmith will team up with the actually-British mixed-media artists Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard to present Bish Bosch: Ambisymphonic at the Vivid Sydney Festival in Australia. Forsyth and Pollard are known for their acclaimed work with artists such as Jason Pierce, Nick Cave, and Gil Scott-Heron. Walker is known for his acclaimed work of behaving in a generally ominous fashion pretty much all the time, and occasionally getting mixed up with the governor of Wisconsin.

The multimedia show will feature re-mixed and “spatialised” versions of four Walker songs from last year’s Bish Bosch (TMT Review), including “Pilgrim,” “Epizootics!,” “Tar,” and “Dimple.” In what is being hailed as “maybe the creepiest and raddest thing ever,”* the show will take place in almost total darkness and make use of a purpose-built geodesic dome of multidirectional speakers. There have also been reports that Scott Walker himself will be sneaking around in the dark punching attendees at random intervals. No word yet on vegetarian options for the full-body meat suit you’re apparently supposed to wear throughout the show.

Fingers crossed that the next thing Walker announces is a Weezer-esque cruise featuring a re-imagined version of “Corps de Blah” in which the gentle ocean breeze plays the role of fart-wind on the forearm.

* by me, mostly

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