“Hepatica Nobilis”

I’m not an “outdoors” guy. I don’t have to be. The arts & entertainment universe has me covered. It orbits around me. It shows me the most dazzling visions. It sublimates and abstracts nature into sensory experiences that are, I guess, “better than the real thing.”

Case in point: SPUNK’s “Hepatica Nobilis,” from their garden variety full-length, Adventura Botanica.

Will I ever see hepatica, a symbol of the budding optimism of Spring, dot the winter-worn earth with its vivid pink and blue sepals as the Sun’s rays nourish my bones with vitamin D and warmth? Unlikely. No matter, for SPUNK has substituted natural nourishment and vivid sepals with a sonic supplement that has been bathed in natural light. The affirmative “Hepatica Nobilis” emanates peace at a leisurely pace. It leans over and gives light kisses on a day off laying somewhere in some exotic garden that I will never visit in the flesh. “And our souls were clean / And the grass did grow.” So sang Van Morrison, and so sings SPUNK, at a different pace, in their own words.

• SPUNK: https://sites.google.com/site/rcd2086/home
• Rune Grammofon: http://runegrammofon.com

Lil B The BasedGod

Ultimate Bitch Mixtape

Random facts/opinions/etc.:

- Best overall vocal performance: “Think Im Based Remix”
- Best Based performance: “Ima Bitch”
- Best R&B performance: “Oakland to Berkeley”
- Best Yeezy-like production: “Gucci Shotgun”
- Best song with a fake accent: “For the BasedGod” (at 1:40)
- Most controversial song: “Swag My Bitch Up”
- Random lyric #1: “Ima buy pussy in front of you and your woman.”
- Random lyric #2: “Lil B has so much rare art.”
- Random lyric #3: “Right here, fuck with BasedGod, that’s Lil B/ I think I know Lil B/ Is that really Lil B?”
- First lyric from “No Black Person Is Ugly”: “No black person is ugly”
- Song that should have a “Mustard on the beat, hoe!” drop: “Love Buyin Pussy”
- Songs that use the MKII “toasty!” sample: “Girl When I Want You,” “Oakland to Berkeley”
- # of times Lil B says “Lil B” in the intro of a song: 14 (of 22)
- # of times Lil B says “It’s your boy, Lil B” in the intro of a song: 7 (of 22)
- # of songs Lil B says “Ultimate Bitch” in its first 15 seconds: 8 (of 22)
- # of songs Lil B says “Ultimate Bitch” at its end: 1
- # of times Lil B says “bitch”: 24,205
- # of songs that are RARE and COLLECTIBLE: 22 (of 22)
- Best artwork inspired by Ultimate Bitch Mixtape: “He’s Back” by C Monster

Download here AND stream below:

• Lil B: https://twitter.com/LILBTHEBASEDGOD

Duppy Gun Prod.


Duppy Gun has always been a unique experiment, beginning more or less by chance after RVNG Intl. approached future co-founder Cameron Stallones about doing a collaborative album as part of RVNG’s “FRKWYS” series. To make a very long story short, RVNG soon had Stallones and frequent collaborator M. Geddes Gengras on a flight to Portmore, Jamaica to meet and record with dub legends The Congos, during which time CS & MGG affiliated themselves with other producers and vocalists, leading to the earliest Duppy Gun bullets.

Three years later and Duppy Gun is coupling with Stones Throw to bring together the best tracks so far, plus some new ones, on a 2xLP compilation dubbed Multiply (serio, grip it rite here, rite now). For my money, the tracks are all pretty fucking out of this world, ranging from trippy-but-plausible dancehall numbers to total space cases that make the former sound tame by comparison. The production is most decidedly (and refreshingly) non-throwback, the tracks often bordering on arhythmic yet inexplicably danceable, reminding me of the Black Dice dub album that never existed, but I always fantasized about. Best heard through semi-legit headphones or speakers for maximum effect (i.e. not through your computer speakers). There are certain other things that can enhance the listening of these tracks, but I’ll leave it to the listener to decide. Some of my favorites from Multiply are “What Would You Say About Me” by Fyah Flames, “No Tek 9” by Lukan I, and all the ones produced by Nice-A-Bunks.

If you’re not familiar with Duppy Gun, this release is first and foremost an excellent opportunity to get acquainted. It compiles a huge chunk of the label’s output to date, plus a few new trax. If you are familiar, but find walking all the way over to the record player, taking the old record off, putting the new one on, then a few minutes later walking back over, flipping it again, etc., to be such a tedious ordeal that buying and listening to singles for you is an impossibility, then perhaps this is an opportunity to give your music library a long-overdue GD maxout in one fell swoop.

Duppy Gun has included a semi-related promo video below for their newest 2xLP compilation Multiply OUT RIGHT HERE and you can find more detailed release information in our twin-posting with News OVER HERE.

• Duppy Gun: http://www.duppygun.com
• Stones Throw: http://www.stonesthrow.com


“Color Separated” w. Peder

Like being in the biggest crayon box in the world, stuffed with every color imaginable, Beem is here to take refracted light and flip it in a way that was once humanly unimaginable. In short: “Color Separated.” Shorter: this video! Animated and edited by color-wheel extraordinaire (and NOT a PR dude) Sam Rolfes of Join The Studio, the “Color Separated” (w. Peder) video pulsates more in vein with something that is beyond error of fantasy.

Hrmm, to explain, I suppose I mean ERROR in the “Color Separated” video is intentionally employing mishaps in computer-art by recycling images torn and cut and removed, and then regenerating their presence via FANTASY of Beem playing within this world. Which is where the lyrics “All figured out” comes in with the LOLs as viewers are thinking, “This is AWESOME, and the colors being separated while the vocals pop, also… wait, wtf?!” Following this, I’m assuming viewers experience a bout of joyous uncontrollable laughter. Then a heavy need to witness something the “Color Separated” video live at the next Beem show.

Beem’s newest album Peel is out now on cassette and digital, including buttons and t-shirts and remixes… the WORKS. Feel it!

• Beem: http://beem.bandcamp.com
• Ausland: http://ausland.bandcamp.com


“Space-Waste Drain Hole Song”

“The need to give voice to suffering is the condition of all truth. For suffering is the objectivity which weighs on the subject; what it experiences as most subjective, its expression, is objectively mediated.”

Elijah Elysia Crampton: https://soundcloud.com/eande


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