“Randbemerkung Ueber Das Zaehlen Nr. 1”

Count von Count swallows his numbers along with keg foam and guitar dissonance in a solo red cup. In “Randbemerkung Ueber Das Zaehlen Nr. 1,” that inevitable moment comes quickly, scouring and chafing the pep band scrunched together in the parlor, humping out oompa flavor while the mead pours freely.

In the end, this bacteria growth, this dissonance, will swallow all other sounds, suck down their flavors, and scour them down to nothing. The map will be updated: a desert of drone and ambiance. After appropriation, original sources will be quarantined, brushed aside to wither. No chattering teeth and mead spills. A few tarps, plastic bags, over the parlor.

m a l i b l u e : (

r u scared?

Sounds like m a l i b l u e : ( finally caught a wink of sleep. And shit got vivid! r u scared? marks the second release by m a l i b l u e : ( and Melbourne living sounds a little more haunted than I expected. More like a cry for help, r u scared? trudges (intentionally) a fine line of self-affirming terror with samples that feel as though their loops are more deja vu than something you can pinpoint, no matter if you can EXACTLY name where it’s been sampled from. But like that ticking you can’t seem to find the source of its sound, r u scared? runs audible circles around listeners, making m a l i b l u e : ( the ultimate conceptual musician, within the time being. Keep listening. Something will always transpire. Conjure a demon:

Dean Blunt


Lots of strains . Call or text for more info.Fat bags.Fat budz.Excellent bud.Call or text 07931066137.”

Well, what the FUCK are you waiting for: meet him in person! (Maybe)… Also, scope the slight movements in this WATCH video on YouTube around the 0:06, 0:24, 0:52, 1:01, and 1:16 parts of “available.” Lezkettit!

M Geddes Gengras (Personable)

Afterpop Mixtape 63

Apparently, M Geddes Gengras (Personable) (someone we’re recently familiar with here at TMT) gave Afterpop “an albums worth of material” in a recent (63) mixtape, at nearly 50 minutes long. And if he hasn’t already changed your mind on how modern modular synthetics work within the experimental game, Geddes’ Afterpop Mixtape 63 will further bury your feet into the dance-floor fire-pit. Samples of talking and musterings of sequences, zones of infused Tex-Mex meets Japanese-LA, swabbed in a way the government wants to steal your soul, but on the antithesis of hero, in a bleak outlook of a computer-driven mesh of in-real-life-URL world. Mentality is bomb as much as the brain-drains pure skill on Afterpop Mixtape 63, swirling mixtape aesthetics enlightens the non-stop living, and crucial mathematics subconsciously rooted throughout a mind similar to Miles Davis. But adrift in imagination. M Geddes Gengras presents a thought process in Afterpop Mixtape 63, and teases hitchers into taking the ride. You want my chicken? My potato salad???

Tiger & Woods

“Boiler Room London DJ Set”

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star” - Friedrich Nietzsche

“Dancing allows me to go away and not have to think of what I’m doing next” - Selena Gomez

I am not much of a dancer, although I occasionally I like to get my “stand and shuffle” going on when I’m really “feeling” the music. It’s also likely that dancing can make me, and to an extent all of us (am I right folks??), self-conscious. And when you go to shows advertised as “dance parties,” you’re more often than not standing around, staring at a bunch of other dudes, unsure of whether or not you want to be “that guy” and start dancing alone.

Tiger & Woods have a way of clearing any and all pretension from the room, with their feel good take on boogie, disco, and funk. I got to see them in Chicago and Detroit a few years back, and both sets were probably the only times I’ve been to an electronic show and seen everybody getting down and dancing. Ever since then I’ve devoured any and all of their mixes that drop online, and this recent Boiler Room set is no exception. Yes, it’s two hours long, and you’re probably reading this, eyeing the track length, thinking, “Are you out of your goddamned mind, bro??” Well, if you’re throwing a party and not hiring a DJ, maybe I’m not so crazy for bringing this to your attention. Dig in, jam out, and get ur freak on ;)


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