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The body of work yeongrak has amassed understatedly huge and ever-growing. It spread out over so many streaming platforms, net labels, and compilations, collaborations, yeongrak would have some trouble compiling a list of it all. I ran into yeongrak’s D’Chrone last year from Hope Sick Cola. The album, like this most recent release uggghh riot from Emergency Tapes, hosts yeongrak’s footwork signatures and lands on the cleaner side of their noise meter – compare it to IMI DA LE DA LIL, one of the EIGHT albums released so far this year.

uggghh riot is Emergency Tapes’ second tape in 2015 (with a href=””>Detriot’s Five Star Hotel) and it sits on the noisier end of yeongrak’s scale. Nick Risola is brought in for the tear-it-the-fuck-up track “femriotguard.” Later flipping the mood with yzome on “lower my aqi sugarhoney” – a featherier, quick paced song swirling around like a draining opiate high. The album, 16 songs in totally, is really comprehensive, filled with every page of what yeongrak has written in the past, but if you’re reading this it’s probably too late to cop a tape (only seven left as of Friday July 17, 4:20 PST), but if I’m wrong or you’re snagging the digital go to Emergency Tapes’ Bandcamp or the beast’s head at Visual Disturbances.

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“When I Rule The World”

It’s no surprise that a McDonald’s ad, which featured SOPHIE’s 2014 track “Lemonade,” would overshadow a Samsung ad, which features the SOPHIE-produced “Rule the World” by Mad Decent’s LIZ. But the latter marks new sonic territory for SOPHIE. While it still features carbonated female vocals, “Rule the World” puts a face to them (unlike “Bipp” or “Lemonade” or SOPHIE’s older remixes); the assumed singer is not SOPHIE or an “anonymous” associate, but an actual, very public person. Suddenly, the McDonald’s ad and Madonna’s new SOPHIE-/Diplo-produced single feel more like platforms to sell SOPHIE’s “actual” music, and not just like music as a form of advertising — though that of course must be taken with a grain of salt, as “Rule The World” is still part of a Samsung ad.

In any case, with SOPHIE’s bubbly rhythms and LIZ’s saccharine yet honest delivery, the two of them could make a sweet album, perhaps reminiscent of “Bipp,” the song that put SOPHIE on the map, a song from the era before A. G. Cook/QT/major corporate ads. Check out “When I Rule the World” below (which is also available to purchase here):

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Bangkok Snobiety

“Concrete Abstractionism I & II feat MMMOOONNNOOO”

Apothecary Compositions &ndash who dropped Zirconia Dynasty last month – is readying the debut of Portuguese duo Bangkok Snobiety July 24. To The New Era is the accumulation of Bruce Miranda and Pedro Franco growing up together, Franco studying sound design, and Miranda playing in punk bands. Here’s a two-track, MMMOOONNNOOO-featuring gift bag for the coming out party.

The final two tracks on To The New Era feature MMMOOONNNOOO – a RBMA14 graduate and fellow Lisbon resident whose coal-black electronics favor sludge to decadence. As for MMMOOONNNOOO’s inclusion to To The New Era, a good preface would be their collaboration with OWWK on Speaker Footage’s Launch Compilation – the song engendered by dredging studio rot, sowing what amassed, and harvesting the filth. Bangkok Snobiety’s experience is not all different, Concrete Abstractionism is their brutalist counterpoint of Lisbon’s Baroque international rep, likely stemming from Miranda’s punk idealism injected heavily in their sound. Both “Concrete Abstractionism I” and “II” further To The New Era’s new club aesthetic, blurring what can and cannot be considered “club music,” toasting with a bruised black fuck you.

Preorder To The New Era from Apothecary Compositions in a limited 50 copy CD or digital now. Its official release date is July 24 worldwide.

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Collection One

A special kind of uneasy comes from overdue bills, lost jobs, and/or overdraft notices. A feeling of folding the two-seven offsuit hand you’re delt and leave all trace is there, even if the roof is above your head and friends in your messages. Split anxiety enough to nessle in and call it a day. Give into this anxiety hammock and call it a day. Spend your time adjusting whatever ornaments your walls. Write a list of what needs to get done inorder to dig yourself out. Get a working car battery, quit this fucking job, find a new fucking job, throw another days pay at the 2007 laptop, pay the back taxes from the last state you lived in, sell the car, buy a bike, move again. Move into the living room and water your roommates plants. How much water does it take to accidentally drown a fern? Go to Kinkos. Print off three or four resumes for a couple bucks. Apply to another pizza place. Wave someone down to jumpstart your car. Quit your job. Hear a callback. Make a great fucking sandwich. Go outside when the sun is setting. There’s a breeze. Climb out of your head. Burn the anxiety hammock or hang it out back for when it’s sunny.

Collection One from multi-instrumentalist i.o is more than an hour of music from previously released compositions. Muddling in euphoria, metal, free jazz drums, i.o’s collection is a massive, exhaustive ride, like an unconquered cave, shrinking and bulging, morphing at whim. Listening to Collection One stays in rhythm with the claustrophobic twisting gut-punch attained with watching someone try and squeeze through a child-sized whole people call “death’s pass.” Shrinking up and yelling “why do you need this?! I swear things aren’t that bad up here.”

Collection One is out now on cassette and digital from Entertainment Systems.

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