“Juisces” (Antigris Remix)

hebephrenic bliss and gloss - thin strips of tape pulled out of a mad hat - blindfold - whip marks - hot flush skin burns - turn the global dimmer down - shaking ‘til Sunday - green teeth chatter - green lining - membrane of standing water - pond thought space - chill bone mass - break bone fever - wet brain boil - felting mercury and carbonation - speech pattern rattles backwards - color me chlorella - exploding barbed wire board - scum off the ferment - carrot fur - iron - “her scum shall be in the fire” (Ezekiel 24:12) - standing water - boiling pot

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Years in the making, Scratcha DVA, Kwes, and Bonobo collaborator Cornelia is finally released her debut LP on June 15. Balun, the title a derivative of combining “balanced” and “unbalanced,” was written through Cornelia’s move from Sweden to London. She recalls, “I wrote Balun on the brink of a big change in my life. I felt I was at the edge of a border, both physically and mentally, having to relearn basic things like language, culture and conventions.” A natural disturbance that we react to in distinct ways. Cruising or wandering without precise destination, can be attributed to either side of a move. Pre-trip cruising is stagnation – meandering through the last months, weeks, days of a job or avoiding roommates as second nature. Post-trip cruising is sensory excess. Everything is clear, vibrant, new, buzzing, serotonin levels skyrocket to drone-above-the-beaches-of-Southern-California heights.

Balun, seven songs in length, is being released physically on a crazy, first-of-it’s-kind Printed Audio Poster (Demonstration) – the first in a series of musical endeavors from Cornelia and London-based interactive tech company Novalia. In Cornelia’s words, “my friends at Novalia and I have made the worlds first LP shaped audio poster using technology enabled by integration of conductive ink, capacitive touch and conventional electronics to provide a musical experience in a new format, combining science, design and music. When touched the poster plays the songs of the album through a built in speaker and includes buttons for volume up and down!”

Balun comes out on June 15 on Camp Mozart. The Audio Poster is up for pre-order now under limited edition. [Photo credit: Greg Holland]

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Jupiter Jax


There’s nothing better than checking and rechecking a label’s website, and after all the times it has yet to be updated you take a look on a lark, and all of a sudden NEW STUFF! After Record Store Day constipated the record plants, churning out “quality” Foo Fighters demos, Black Keys 7-inch’s, and such, it seems like things are back to normal for record labels who don’t partake in the rat race of RSD. Not Not Fun and 100% have a couple of new tapes and records out, but it’s Malta producer Jupiter Jax’s Visions LP that we’re here to talk about. In addition to a brand new LP on vinyl, Silk is offering an additional full-length cassette of tracks that didn’t make it onto the album for whatever reason. Judging by “Sequential,” these aren’t bottom of the barrel leftovers here. Get deep into these space-bachelor pad vibes. The supplemental cassette, Visitors, is only available with the vinyl, and it’s limited to 100 copies, soooooo get on it!

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Zilla Rocca & The Shadowboxers

“Fake Surfers 2” ft. Armand Hammer, Has-Lo & The Intelligence

There’s no sign outside, just an unmarked metal door that opens to a concrete hall that leads to a dreamless night in a barroom that reeks of mildew and regs. Seated at the far corner table, a faded bleach blonde hodad nods out, chinning his hemp necklace. The faux-beachy dame by his side slides a palm into his pocket, withdraws a crinkled statesman, and makes her way to the bar.

Zilla Rocca’s there, plotting something from the looks and sound of it. The noir-hop progenitor is “tired of these fake surfers, low-wage earners and front-page murders” in his city, and he’s brought some baggy-eyed company along to share in his angsty fatigue. An internet-cornered billy woods exchanges hard-earned grievances with the Wrecking Crew’s Has-Lo before woods’ Armand Hammer cohort Elucid burgles it all, lamenting, “Positive thinking hasn’t yielded me fart/ Neighbors out here looking thirsty and parched.”

“Fake Surfers 2” is the first single from an upcoming deluxe edition of Zilla Rocca’s 2014 album, No Vacation for Murder. According to Zilla himself, “There will be five new songs that are a continuation of No Vacation For Murder and its themes of betrayal, revenge, and comeuppance in a city of schemers, killers, and bagmen. ‘Fake Surfers 2’ is a continuation of dread and weariness from the original, this time informed by Armand Hammer and Has-Lo’s experience with racism, heartbreak, and the illusion of indie rap superstardom.”

Best to check your awkward smiles at the gate, because anyone can get got in this place.

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Hey Mother Death

“Snake Power” (remix by Jay Crocker)

Dag that dissonant and stark vocal sound gets the skin tingling in the night’s sky. Whether it’s questionable serene like Hey Mother Death or as energetic as Jay Crocker’s (a.k.a. Joyful Talk) remix abilities, there’s a charming quality to patient and closely scaled – nearly monotone notes – in a singer. From this stems a more ASMR attribute of breathy tones, characterizing the vocalist as human; hearing Laurence Strelka’s intentional struggle to push out soft singing breaks the intrinsic boundary of mortality of musicians. Thankfully, they got Jay Crocker on the scene to immortalize them in dance-remix gold. Both the skill-sets going into the “Snake Power” remix are impressive in terms of all-around production, musical ability, and originality. Well, Jay Crocker uses some staple remix moves, but it wouldn’t be a proper remix without them, though most of what he’s doing is pretty psychedelic in terms of just dropping noises in and out, etc. All incredible noises made from the original “Snake Power” track too: wood clanging, pensive ambiance melting into a steady aligned pace, that single string pluck akin to staring at the Highway before you for the ninth hour, straight. Realmed. Zoned. Aura’d. Entombed. Release.

Hey Mother Death got their album Highway picked up by Paper Bag Records and it’s popping FRESH this July 7. But you can totally PRE-ORDER PRE-ORDER PRE-ORDER all 12 inches NOW. “Snake Power” is the last track, and such an important closure to the full package, so sneaking out a remix by Jay Crocker is HOT, considering the context. Scope it out below and head on over to Paper Bag Records for that pre-order:

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