Pun Collins

“Hummer Seat” / “Blueprints” [teaser video]

Uh, so this Pun Collins track, “Hummer Seat,” is apparently a teaser for an upcoming split Pun C has on Dirty Tapes… with Ahnnu. Yeah, that right. Fuckin’ shit slams, too. Not just hype. Wind chimes get assaulted by searching dial turns as underwater bass and reverbed tings make their presence felt, then smeared in filth drums poke through, and goodness gracious it’s like fire being breathed out of a dragon’s mouth, all while the dragon spits knowledge at you. Clams haven’t been this happy since before we humans discovered pearls. Bank on it.

If that wasn’t enough for your wax-crusted ears, last month Mr. Collins dropped some limited dragon’s breath entitled Blueprints on the Paris based COMA. Blueprints is less beat driven than the teaser to his upcoming split on Dirty Tapes, with Pun Collins (nee Collin Puns) opting more for abstracted loopiness, but its still something to behold. If you’re into obtaining “art” (sigh), the edition of fifteen tapes is down to the last one, so you might want to make haste and send electronic money to France ASAP for the last copy. In addition to the above, below is a teaser video made by chambry for the soon-to-be-gone tape. This was just sorta a teasey post, wouldn’t ya say?

• Pun Collins: https://soundcloud.com/pun-collins
• Pun Collins: https://puncollins.bandcamp.com
• Dirty Tapes: http://dirtytapes.tumblr.com
• COMA: https://comacomacoma.bandcamp.com

Motion Graphics


DISmagazing crushed it this year for PC Music. So what makes Motion Graphics any different? Well, 25 minutes of Screentones and a completely visual element to the entire mix. I ain’t fucking with you, this shit is beyond. Add it to the list of things lost this close to year-end nonsense, but get deeply involved with Motion Graphics’ Screentones immediately by clicking play below:

Track listing:
MOTION GRAPHICS – “Softbank Arcade” (Swiftcode Version)
AM4-Oh! w/ HARUOMI HOSONO – “The Truck on the Sea” (MG EDIT)
CO LA(w/mg) – “SO NY”
FELICITA – “Slavs wi Sparkley Eyes [w/ Roberto Musci – “Hotel Gadgets”]”
DANNY L HARLE – “Sonatina for two bass viols [w/Melodyne & AM4– “Mi-La” (MG Edit)]”
SENTINEL – “T U K__ ヽ(´ー`)ノ♫・–.。. .。.–”
[Motion Graphics scrolling interlude]
ICHIKO- “Quiet Voice” (edit)

• Motion Graphics: https://soundcloud.com/motiongraphics
• DISmagazing: http://dismagazine.com


“Yeehaw Grandma”

Chicago’s Toupee purvey a strain of primal rock born in sweaty basements and DIY living rooms, founded on grimy twin guitar leads and brought to kicking-and-screaming life by frontwoman Whitney Allen’s ecstatic yelp. Their music reaches your ears as an blaring echo cast off a low hanging rafter, skirting past the wall of rusting radiator pipes spaced between the newly respackled holes in the plaster made by accidental elbows and fists. Last year’s full-length Dinner Parties veered between narcotic drone balladry and pure six-string sludge presented in both long form and in minute surges of fuzz not far removed from the kinetic punk grind of, say, Meat Puppets or early Minutemen. A new 7-inch offers two short and sweet Toupee cuts just for your pleasure: “Yeehaw Grandma” and “Water Torture.”

“Yeehaw Grandma” kicks off with a chiming guitar line that gently phases like a recasting of The Cult’s “She Sells Sanctuary” before splintering into a pounding grunge workout with the onset of that nice & dirty guitar #2. It sounds like Whitney Allen “want[s] to ride on a rollercoaster,” and the band provides the topographical peaks and troughs to fulfill her wish. The ride cymbal sparks the wordless two-guitar chorus into a deeper groove, and the track ends quicker than you’d prefer, perhaps. Feel free to press play again.

You can order the “Yeehaw Grandma” b/w “Water Torture” 7-inch from Lake Paradise Records right now.

• Toupee: https://toupee.bandcamp.com
• Lake Paradise Records: http://www.lakeparadiserecords.com



Rain smells like pollution when the humidity floods your psyche and all thoughts lead to longing. It’s nothing like that of bathing in wallow, but the distant gaze and color smearing break lights and blinkers: listening to music on the road is the only place to get your mind working and focused. But it’s about the destination. What are you focusing ON? Where in this music are you taking yourself? Sure, the road ahead looks like a pathway into darkness, but continue on until the light becomes pushy. Squint your eyes until they close. Pull over into the deserted ravine you call curb-side Enter your own personal Wildebeest. Place “Emphasis” on defeat. Don’t let this consume you. Let it become you.

If you want to enter the mouth of Wildebeest, head to their show December 10 in Melbourne, and start a battle with the audible. If you’re thinking about dwelling on the longevity of ‘em, pop on over to their Bandcamp below and nod. Or feel the pull in thier night ride video for “Emphasis.”

• Wildebeest: https://wildebeestmelbourne.bandcamp.com

James Ferraro


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♬♩ ♫♪♪♫♪♩ ♫ ♬♬

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