Imediat​.​ez - Elucidário das Paragens I (Buscador) Do Intuito Para Ligar Frases a Partir de Uma (Re​)​Captação de Fontes

When we were called out here, it was for an unofficial “Bandcamp drop” which we didn’t understand at first, but ended up walking in on a Mr. Noodle in pizza stained underwears e-mailing another Internet anomaly C Monster about some music by this Portuguese fellah A Q U A E, so handling the matter was a real pickle since we’re always out on the street and rarely on the web, and as we began arresting Mr. Noodle, the music struck our innate hostility, turning our frowns into a 30 minute break on a red feinting couch in Mr. Noodle’s apartment, listening to Imediat.ez - Elucidário das Paragens I (Buscador) Do Intuito Para Ligar Frases a Partir de Uma (Re)Captação de Fontes – no idea how I just pronounced that correctly – drinking very relaxing tea that Mr. Noodle keeps eye-dropping a homeopathic (his words) solution into, and… Gary?? Gary, you okay partner? Mr. Noodle, whyyyy phhhlaaaa buuuuu whennn *thuds on floor*

Booker Stardrum

Dance And

It’s a Macy’s Dystopian Day parade during a hurricane in the head of one Booker Stardrum. He’s on a break from drumming in “post-instrumentalism” quartet VaVatican, whose c32 for NNA Tapes was an exercise in discovering the limit where virtuosity meets epilepsy meets pure freestyle. Stardrum has toned down his solo tape to two dimensions with his latest, Dance And: the rhythmic and timbral idiosyncrasies of his chosen instrument.

A “celebration of all things percussion.” The fanfare does not last very long. It’s midnight in the Vatican, when “Bells” are a-ringin’. The sad, collapsing arms of the bellman can barely compete with the surmounting wind, and Dance And begins, establishing the two voices that will continue to wage war through the tape. Your ears never knew how tantalized they’d be by noise of such purity and conviction. Imagine a soundtrack to a performance piece in which a matte cinereous Lamborghini Reventón drives around Piazzo San Marco, dragging a recently offed bull behind it. The bull is painted in glitter and leaves a cheerful, bloody rainbow trail behind it, as pigeons frantically try to get out of their way. Don’t imagine that. That’s absurd. The best experimental works come out of restraint.

While passages of intense, clattering toms — the sort of thing sports films like Whiplash tried desperately to emulate — are the most technical exercises this tape offers, the true meat in Dance And comes from keeling the explosions, hitting the breaks, and trying to bring Stardrum’s train of musical thought to a halt. Sometimes this results in the startling “Sands Dream.” In the case of “Dozier,” a single sample stretched to its granular limit becomes the reverberation in a cathedral after an earthquake. Howard Hughes obsessively searched for the right clouds to give his audience a true sense of speed. Stardrum excels in creating a similar illusion of motion by going as hard as he possibly can, and then slamming on the breaks and watching the dust fly.

Dance And is now available from NNA Tapes, and a Jeremy Wiles-Young-directed video for “Drim Dram” can be found here. Check out the full album below.


Rat Life 6 / Algerian Raï

This is what Algerian Raï sounds like:

This is what a motherfucking box jam sounds like:

This is what three motherfucking box jam interpretations of Algerian Raï sound like:

(Disclaimer: This is not a dialectic. This is harmony.)

Your Gay Thoughts

“Cup Of Smoke”

Out in early 2016, King Deluxe is dropping the new Your Gay Thoughts album, THE WATERCOLORS LP in a refreshing array of refracted pop sounds. It’s always a pleasure to hear when a band request Tiny Mix Tapes premiere their works – considering the label admittedly “suggested [they] pick a few of the better sites” – and Your Gay Thoughts seems like that type of pleasurable group of musicians we enjoy representing here! Featuring the single “Cup Of Smoke,” Your Gay Thoughts leads in with a real pleasant intro, feeding on vibrated tones and the patience of light strumming, following an insatiable drumming that tip-toes a choreography of movement around the instrumental spacing of the lead-in. Then a voice takes over, trailing a little like Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear, resonating with the harmonics being plucked and gentle symbol taps, flirting with the mix of rythm and melody. Though, ALL AROUND, “Cup Of Smoke” obviously sounds like this stroke of brilliance!

Keep an early 2016 eye out for THE WATERCOLORS LP on King Deluxe, go see Your Gay Thoughts perform TONIGHT in Budapest at Toldi, and enjoy “Cup Of Smoke,” below until the whole album drops:


“PoPPiN PiLLs”

It’s like getting punched in your face so many times it bulges up like a fat person, but only you’re gaining weight, and swelling from blood and water is becoming rip. Awkward rips in your cheeks and hair torn in the shape of a spider web, or spider. Brain juices just stewing tender areas where it bumped your skull in concussionist choreographic slow motion. Nods as form of communication. Taking as many narcotics as possible quickly after to displace the pain. Almost choking on a handful while “PoPPiN PiLLs” because eyesight involves red-vision. Realizing there are five holes pulsing blood from your face. JODY HiGHROLLER still acting like the guy who got you influentially into this fight. Laughing at you and your crying family members, friends, and crew just devastated at the heap you portray upon a pool of your own blood and there’s -like- a bunch of people just embellishing around you as a trophy. Why?


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