Sietse van Erve

“Randomized 01”

A game of catch-up, crunch by numbers – stock ticker still spilling out into my hands. I’m still holding on to all these perforations from dot-matrix feeds. All the excrement, the secretions. Still sniffing for the back space. Long lines of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, as long as the intestinal paper trails.

The downtown collapsed. They fled left and right. I was left behind, after electricity, to manage the upper offices.

Now they’re back, attempting to “revitalize” downtown. They turned the lobby into a cocktail bar called Security. No more suits running the show. Instead, the CEOs sport silly waxed mustaches and flops of hair. I stay out of it. I mainly stick around the fifteenth floor, or so. The electricity is back on. Still, I keep the lights off. I guess I am accustomed to it. I certainly don’t bother with the paper traffic. I don’t direct the feed; I don’t park anything anywhere in particular. I just let the damn things spill out. I let them play.

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The Electric Nature

“Alienation I 1”

Once again, the inescapable Illuminated Paths is coming after your soul with The Electric Nature’s newest (Broken Machine Films) video for “alienation I.” Recommendations for viewing:

– Around 5:30 AM, having gone to sleep around 12:30 AM, on the largest screen, in the darkest of light you can make it.
– On your phone standing at the bathroom sink during work-hours, just gazing into the smear, volume at max.
– Working out, stream-hacked into the gym’s wifi-system, portraying the image on all televisions, and continue sweating, whilst everyone scrambles to figure out what’s going on.
– During execution, for sure.
– When someone is trying to sound like their “Cool,” but is just being loud and obnoxious next to you at work.
– Innertubing off the coast of Atlantic City beach, viewing on a PSP sealed in a Zip-Lock baggie, smoking out an apple pipe, with the East Coast casino-resort hotel skyline crumbling into the Earth in the background.

Feel the void of The Electric Nature’s newest release Alienation on Illuminated Paths today!

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German Army

“No Mission”

The fibers of being are “No Mission.” The decay that German Army bring to all their music seems so simple at first, but when blended, it’s remarkable how someone can think collectively like their songs do. So when “No Mission” belts out the feels of an echoed ritual emerging from a dwindling fire lit in a can within the city, one catches waves of sound in bit of a pensive announcement, faulting at the transition of music and real life. Culture smeared like lipstick up and around glazed and fading eyelids. Leaving on Wednesday and arriving mid-Monday. Circumstance is unreliable. Flakes are just cereal. Audio journals can be burned but only from the right angle. And German Army’s newest release, Remain in Exile on Golden Cloud Tapes (featuring “No Mission,” video below), will surely please even the most wary of listeners, always in the midst of midnight.

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Future / Drake

“Where Ya At”

A red hat. Spaghetti. Drake rapping into a reflection. This video’s got it all.

“Where Ya At” is off Future’s Dirty Sprite 2 release. Review forthcoming.

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Always taking it one-step too far, but in the best way possible, Michael Green (director of the newest Beat D video, btw) is the first person to have created a Second Life avatar that composed a full-length album, which was entitled MEMOIRS. “SELF DOUBT?” I’m not playing with you, OMGv6.0 is taking over (SEE ABOVE).

Like, the entire thing composed in Second Life, MEMOIRS comprises those scapes you only see once, but run for miles within while dreaming. It’s a weird feel to play something virtual/digital for so long and traverse worlds seemlessly on a daily basis. Fucking Lawnmower Man. But also, one summer, I was such a shit talker online, the IRL world left me lost in four physical altercations. And drunk. Though, one can do anything within the URL of things. And OMGv6.0 is purely of self-made fame. The other day, I was chilling on my patio, and fucking OMGv6.0 just walks up, takes a beer (doesn’t ask), and rips the bong I had rolling. Seriously, I threw up data all over and my dog started liking it up: turned into an emoji dog meme gif. I started into the vacant, soulful eyes of OMGv6.0 and saw Michael Green smiling back. And then Being John Malkovich, so I left him there on a quest to find my second-self, listening to MEMOIRS in light of sound tracking my journey. Pure darkness is refracted light within a computer. Black holes only exist in technology.

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