Tuning into this new GRISFX reminds me that hi-hats, like trees, are everywhere. They breathe a life into music that would otherwise be too slow, too ambient, too uncultured, too suburban, too small town. Add a hi-hat and all of a sudden you’re in an apartment on the outskirts of the city with a landlord that eats lo mein with chopsticks dipped in gold. Add a hi-hat and all of a sudden you’re gazing at the blizzard density of Reddit, scanning posts for lyricism and gentleness. A brilliant arpeggio there, a brilliant chord combination here. Vapor turns into ice, ice into water, water pours on the earth, the earth gets hot from the sun and the trees light that shit up on fire, leaving a scathing wind to transfer the ashes into the city, blowing them into the crevices of a drum machine. And there I am, exiting the deli with a fluid resistant face mask, thinking about the politics of the situation and how to contemplate my misshapen happiness. I’m thinking about how vaporwave has turned into an online community: how the same drum racks a beat maker in Atlanta uses for a banger in the strip club can also be utilized in a vaporwave track about how awesome it was to be 9 years old and watch anime while dunking Oreos in milk. This fact spreads into my pores like a marvelous antidote, keeping me alive with Jello-like consistency.

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Samir & Viktor



Last Thursday I was in Portland for a work conference and, naturally, that night I hung out in the hotel, spending that sweet per diem skrill on a very dank pizza that I consumed all by myself (at least, about 3/4 of it). Whilst shoveling food into my gullet I was transfixed by the opening game of the NFL season, between the Patriots and the Steelers. The defending Super Bowl Champs stomped all over Pittsburgh, showing that Tom Brady is an eerily efficient QB. The rest of Week 1 contained a few surprises (Rex Ryan is coaching a decent team! At least for one week), but a big one, although not really if you’ve paid attention, was the Seattle Seahawks’ overtime loss to the St. Louis Rams. A lot of commentators are already picking apart the problems with this team, but if you look at it, they scored 18 unanswered points in the fourth quarter and took things from an embarrassing near blowout to a tense, down to the wire game. If any loss can be described as “good,” this one certainly was.

For week 2, the Seahawks will be under further scrutiny as they head to Lambeau Field, in a rematch of the past season’s NFC Championship game, where Seattle came back from fifty-five minutes of terrible playing to make it back to the Super Bowl. As a Packers fan by blood and a three year Seattle resident, you can see how this game is going to be an anxiety ridden nightmare for me. If the Packers win, I face the ire of my fellow Seattleites, who will blame me for their team’s 0-2 start. On the other hand, should the Seahawks prevail, the Pack will have been embarrassed in the past four meetings, and I won’t hear the end of it.

Thinking about this game is like listening to this Samir & Viktor track, which is an overwhelming mish mash of sax samples, shitty EDM beats, frat boy party imagery, yet vaguely listenable. I’m going kind of crazy thinking about the potential outcomes of this game, and “Saxofuckingfon” almost perfectly encapsulates where my head is at.

Please, for the love of God, Packers, just do me a solid and win this one.

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A. G. Cook & Life Sim

Xtreme Mixology

PC Music head A. G. Cook and Life Sim have released a 27-minute mix, featuring xtreme remixes/reworkings/etc. of Mz Bratt, Chris Brown, Wiley, and even Hannah Diamond (several of which have been played live recently). It’s noisy. It’s dissonant. It’s beautiful.

But don’t listen to it:


02. WOMP
08. GO

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“Revaluation” [excerpt]

Not since I picked up the first book of a five-part biography of Lyndon Johnson have I been more interested in someone coming out of the Texas Hill Country. But lo and behold, our pals at Holodeck Records are dropping the label debut of long-time Central Texas sonic envelope pusher Skullcaster, aka Chris Cones. The excerpt below, which premiered via Noisey, showcases a distinctly dark and dank world constructed by crushed electronics and some acoustic accompaniment on the oud. Judging by the announcement sent out this morning, Revaluation will contain two side-long pieces, so you know it’s gonna get sprawled out and very trippy :)

Skullcaster’s latest will drop October 16 (pre-order here), along with two other as yet unannounced Holodeck cassettes, which is great news for all you H-deck heads out there.

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Major Petrus

“Grand Prix”

Take my rod and go poke up the speed. In Slav Defense, or any other Defense for that matter, pawn can’t move backwards. Nor forwards, through sludge or iron. The board properly gunged up by the spillways of a nutrient loaded milkshake mudslide. Side bets are placed on which one will be first to bite the dust: tire, wheel, or hubcap. Carts of decanters are wheeled out. The decanters house a variety of syrups, of slow pours and treacherous tropical storms. Stuck in a rum rut – banana cream, coconut cream, irish cream – oreo crumble, bacon bits, flower mushrooms. Tire tread needs a floss. For a proper tread floss, I will have to get on my hands and knees, and hope the tire isn’t at RPM high enough to rub my fingers down to nubs. If the whole nasal passage hadn’t been singed from all this burning rubber or noxious nutrient loaded syrups and milkshakes, I’d be able to smell whether it’s spinning or not. Low visibility. I can’t see anything, through the downpour and flung mud, or through my bugged up windshield-lenses. I am past having to check the weather channel for weather advisories. I am in it. In for it.

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