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Everybody has a few go-to-moves, like flipping a table over to get your point across or high-fiving someone with your foot instead of your hand. Well, the newly sprung Oxtail Recordings is no different, even if they are just a wee little baby of a label (thanks to the Tabs Out crew for the heads up). So far, Oxtail’s go-to-move is rocking shit in the slumped and disfigured department. Twisted loops of bent static, atmospheric swells of moody drones, and damaged and contorted samples make up the bulk of their first two tapes, Meeker by label captain Nigro and Chapters by Primitive Fiction. Now, the label’s Bandcamp description claims their output to be “ambient noise and broken songs,” but my editor wouldn’t let me just re-post the label description and call it a day for some STUPID reason, so I had to give you all the above mumbo-jumbo just to keep the Sea Moan-stir at bay. Blame him, not me!

Oxtail Recordings got themselves a bundle deal, too, where you save a few dollars if you grab both tapes. Maybe put that money towards some sort of refreshemnt, or perhaps fill up your local gas station’s take-a-penny, leave-a-penny tray to an annoying degree. The choice is yours!

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Chocolate Grinder Mix 110

“I’m Sleeping… OR AM I?!”

Yo, you livin’ and catchin’ the breeze? The boss is out, motherfucker. Wanna feel the spray of mango water on your tongue? Eh, just put a splash in your vodka on ice. What was it she said about eternity and fruit? Could you please not e-mail me about my co-worker’s breast and nipple sizes? Thank you for being there when I needed you the least. Is that coke I smell or just stolen thunder sulfur? Come along and die a little more with me. Shit gets grimmer. Everything eventually comes down to: “WHAT?” Adam Sandler references are always the rage. How much internet do you need before leveling up?

Pictured above is my good pal Mick la’Cheah changing on a nearly-empty Atlantic City beach at around 8 AM on some July weekend morning…. caught his ass.

Stream below, and subscribe to our podcast here.

[00:00] Digital Natives - “A5” [excerpt]
[00:23] Lumisokea - “Flares” [intro]
[00:45] Sophie - “Hard”
[03:47] Satanicpornocultshop - “Pee eWy Tee e”
[06:33] Rick Ross - “Drug Dealer’s Dream” [intro]
[06:38] Eleventeen Eston - “Shoelace Episode 1: Hugo’s Theme (Prelude)”
[08:48] AyGeeTee - “Head Over Rags” [intro]
[08:55] Torn Hawk - “Motivation & Reward”
[09:55] nima - “New City Grip” [end]
[11:27] Pure X - “Valley of Tears”
[14:00] Teams - “Paloma” ft. 18+
[16:14] Waka Flocka - “Danny Glover (Remix)” ft. Waka Flocka Flame
[17:35] Nick James - “Noh Noh Hack Mask” [intro]
[17:43] James Ferraro - “Pimp”
[19:37] Danny Brown - “Smokin & Drinkin”
[22:03] Karmelloz - “Citrus Acid CPU” [intro]
[22:35] Tonstarttsbandht - Soap Shop Rock [breakdown]



There’s a full moon out. You just found out the love of your life is leaving for someone else. So take a NIGHT DRIVE, try to get away from yourself, but being stuck in your own head doesn’t let you get away. There was cum on the steering wheel when you got into your car. You had to wipe it off. Now your fingers are where it once was. Old life overtop new life. Potential life. Unable to steer clear. Love is sad. All things take time, though, especially loss. Loosen your grip on the wheel. Let チェスマスター take you away.

• チェスマスター:
• Dream Catalogue™:

Kamil Szuszkiewicz

Bugle Call and Response

Kamil Szuszkiewicz keeps it simple, deliberate, and attractive on this stark naked cassette featuring two horizon tracks: “Bugle Call” and “Response.” I hear very few complications. The call side is complicated by rehearsal noises in the background – a tightened hi-hat, low conversation; the response side is complicated by stereo effects – filters, echoes of the echo. Otherwise, the two sides are beautiful in their birthday suits. They are close-but-no-cigar twins, mirrored snakes slithering at the same speed over flatlands, leaving fades in memory, like fingers slowly stirring the honey. Both sides of the story watercolor one side of the canvas. The colors run, dilute, lighten, flatten, flutter, brown; they form butterflied congruence, reminding me of the musical folds in Robert Wyatt’s “Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road” and E.N.’s In the Order and Out cassette.

• Kamil Szuszkiewicz:
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Daniel Wyche

“The Sacrifice Of The Voidship Heart Of Hearts”

Damn. Daniel Wyche bringing back some HARSH-ASS chill zones I used to have in my Grams’ upstairs/attic space in “The Sacrifice Of The Voidship Heart Of Hearts” off his new Solid Melts release The Last Flight of the Voidship Remainder (out 9/1). Similar to Excepter’s Tank Tapes, I’d be laying on the rug, blaring noise that only I could hear (and maybe the neighbors), getting freaked the fuck out, so I’d huff just enough more, and then max out to sonics that only a master can provide. “The Sacrifice Of The Voidship Heart Of Hearts” proves Daniel Wyche (again) as worthy master of the psyche-noise oriented mind.

Spacing out this complete and absolute way is only mustered up in terms of flight. Daniel Wyche pilots the masses in this tale of “The Sacrifice Of The Voidship Heart Of Hearts.” Imagine a boat drifting into the nethers of Earth, two passengers are left alive, fishes and life and land are all gone, the sun hasn’t shown in months, so… which crew-mate goes first. Who’s hungerier? Which has enough muscle mass to rip the other to steaks?

September 1 starts the The Last Flight of the Voidship Remainder on Solid Melts, and Daniel Wyche was the lone survivor to tell the tale. Spoiler alert is below:

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