Virginia Trance

“Something in the Air”

Helllll yeah, my boi Scott Davis ripping through rays of music sunlight with Virginia Trance. Sometimes you gotta go hill-side without some shoes and just stare into the oblivion of American. But it’s all shaded with them ultra protective lenses you cooled yourself with back at the last Quik-Mart. Now go forth and forage the uncharted road ahead. Find out where it leads.

Up the pathway, there’s “Something in the Air,” and it’s a heavy scent. It’s unlike anything you’ve whiffed before, but it smells spiritual. As if you were ascending the holiest of mountains. It’s it possible you’re only
7-inches from paradise? What do you plan on asking the guru that sits at the top?

Ima ask him if he snagged a second copy of Virginia Trance’s 7-inch release on Holy Mountain, and when he’s planning on giving it to me for pure spin peace. Scope the video for “Something in the Air,” and smell them chopped up fresh flowers, y’all!

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…in the POWWAW

Swarvy. Goin’ lounge-beat. Gonna know ya block off that couch, yo. Headin’ on down to them filtered out repeat ad nauseam licks, Swarvy blows up Paxico’s POWWAW like a true G. Random synth lines going deep. Random sounds out that sampler it’s hard to decide what’s entirely truth. Unless you wanna relate “truth” to the entire live Swarvy set. And in that case, you done-better preach it. LOL - yo, someone free-style to these Paxico beats already or I’m gonna and overdub it on the next post. Kidding. Stoked to hear from the Paxico lead-mang the other day and had to front on this mix. Dig it, y’all!!

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J Dilla

“Don’t Cry”

I’ve got to point out the glaringly apt symbolism on display: that the above video is clearly commenting on the impact Dilla had/has on a whole generation; that his musical presence will grow and fade, like so many other things in life, gaining and falling, gaining and falling; that human life may be short and bitter, yet still eternal and rewarding; that it’s possible to remain alive, even after a physical death, if only one can supply others with sweet, delicious jolts of life-affirming substance; that everything is cyclical; that death and rebirth are integral to a worthwhile existence; that we’re all a part of the same soil, giving back and forth, our nimble nutrients supplying saplings with guidance and direction; that everything is everything.

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“diss trak”

Night Slugs oddball Beau Thigpen (a.k.a. Helix) brings us a straight up, repetitive, relentlessly filthy, and violent club track. What I love about Helix is the obsessive quality of his music: the same sound over and over yet there is still an intense forward motion. “diss trak” goes for more tangible content than his past work, which uses almost no vocal samples. Here, Helix draws from society’s preconceived notions of hip-hop (gun shots, anti feminist slurs, groups of guys yelling) and uses these elements so much that the violence becomes almost soothing and cyclical, or perhaps just numbing. The best part of it, though, is that I am probably reading too much into the poetry and politics of this track; Helix’s primary reason for producing this track (or “diss trak” I guess…) was so that it could bang in clubs. “And is that my iPhone ringing in the background? Oh, no, just the music…” Maybe it’s presumptuous of me to call “diss trak” a surreal American dreamscape, but just listen a couple times in a row… I’m snuggling in its icy, dangerous embrace.

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Clip Art

“Brave Parents”

That moment when you realize you’re watching a killer whale swimming next to a man with a triangle head who’s running in place is a moment of… I don’t know, not clarity. It’s definitely a moment I’m having over and over again as I keep hitting the play button on this Clip Art video while desperately trying to figure out a way to present it to you via ye olde Chocolate Grinder. “Brave Parents” is at once an oddball for the eyeball, meant to hype the new release from whoever this weirdo is on Scotland’s Instructional Media imprint. But perhaps more importantly it’s one hell of a snappy synth-pop tune. Surfing a similar wave as label-mate Henri Claudel’s, this one chews on the best bites of your favorite nerdy 80s tunes, and spits back out what might as well be a long-lost classic. Robotic beats with 90 degree angled corners, neon synthesizer streaks that glow like plasma, and a heavy-jawed vocal with just enough passion to be taken seriously; just enough apathy to be cool. When it’s spliced together with vintage instructional video footage, cyber-punk 3D imagery, and clips of what is surely thee Clip Art himself, this makes for one puzzling package… But it’s plenty enough to sell a record. Pick up a pre-order by dialing www-dot-instructionalmedia-dot-bigcartel-dot-com on your nearest touch-tone keyboard.

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