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hamakko EP

Feel that twitching in your neck? That’s 食品まつり aka foodman getting gritty on your insides via hamakko EP. It’s true. The entity that is 食品まつり aka foodman can drill straight into your brain grapes and tap directly into your overall movements as human being. Yeah, hamakko EP gets freaky on the jukes, slashing out-there sounds at the core of footwork. And being honor with releasing hamakko EP digitally on Paisley Park’s Бh○§† imprint, with a Chaz & Alex remix, 食品まつり aka foodman is rollin’ in bragging-rights swag.

Do yourself a favor. Since it’s Monday, when you’re on your way home, traffic or snow or sunset, go about 90 m.p.h., and listen to hamakko EP at MAX volume. Your body will pulsate, other drivers will see the neon streaks of speed slinging off your whip, and – like traveling through the Bermuda Triangle and arriving an hour early – 食品まつり aka foodman will cast his shaman gaze upon your aura and being, and time and space will become more than just a thought, but a life-time of immeasurable sound and radiant light.

Stream 食品まつり aka foodman’s hamakko EP from Бh○§† below:

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Huerco S.

“Jaffe - Untitled (H.S. Mix) 2012”

One way to both aptly elucidate Huerco S.’s vibes and also make a subtle phonetic joke is to use the word heuristic. For a writer, this kills the stone with two birds. Digress. Tangent. Huerco S. makes music that is best characterized physically as a landscape, architecture, or structure. His deeply textural ambient-dance delineations have certainly shown stripes, and they’re oblique. The Kansas-City producer, real name Brian Leeds, has a knack for the haze. His releases often feel like turning on high-beams in a heavy fog, soon after realizing your seat-heater is on high and the blinker has been clicking for longer than you thought. It’s disorientation in a very comfortable style.

Leeds just dropped what I take to be an unreleased track from 2012, but that’s certainly less than definitive. “Jaffe - Untitled (H.S Mix)” feels immediately natural with any heed to his latest Colonial Patterns. It’s slow-breathing and architectural, creating a space which is best left to the subconscious to explore. Employ your own heuristic capabilities and stream “Jaffe - Untitled (H.S Mix)” by Huerco S. below:

• Huerco S.:

Diane Cluck


There’s something surreally enchanting and connectable to me in Diane Cluck’s video for “Sara,” from her newest album on Important Records entitled Boneset (pre-order on digital, CD, and LP; out tomorrow). Typically, I hate lyrics. But maybe it’s old memories or spirits within my recollection of previous times that are being stirred while listening.

Specifically, the possession in “Sara” that’s blended between what’s being shown and told beholds a pleasant mystique that separates the listener from words and actions. For example, I figure (from the lyrics listed in the About section of the “Sara” YouTube page) that the character being vocalized is dead. However, is “Sara” the person doing the burying or the one who IS buried? Now, seen in this video is Diane Cluck dancing, caressing, and attacking (??) nature, so we know as a general audience that is NOT “Sara.” However, the only idea I have of the lyrics, “Sara-Kali-Ereshkigal-Sara” is sort of an enchantment to the goddess of the dead/underworld. Which in terms of the video, makes me think Diane Cluck is either in the act of praying or becoming, considering she is singing. You be the judge, and grip on that young analog Diane Cluck via Boneset on Important Records tomorrow!

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Gin City

The newest joint from New York-based trend setting producer SAINT PEPSI is out now! Continuing to veer further and further from the musak roots of vaporwave, SAINT PEPSI uses savory samples of funk, soul, and R&B to create an exciting and original dance record. Titled Gin City, the new release contains five steaming tracks, including the first single “Mr. Wonderful,” that was released in January. The tracks maintain a steady driving disco feel that traverses a terrain of varied textures and themes, and never loses its momentum throughout its fleeting 15-minute lifetime. Time to run to the store for some tonic water and limes, and then name your price on Bandcamp and enjoy a few sips of Gin City.


Lil Herb


Lil Herb is from Chicago. Chicago has been getting hype lately because of the phenomenon known as drill – morbid, violent, minimalist (that’s me being polite) rap music from a very dangerous part of the United States. Noisey has made a documentary series about it called Chiraq. Many of the rising drill stars, including Lil Herb, have yet to enter their second decade. The beat to “Koolin’,” off of Herbee’s tape Welcome to Fazoland is characteristically abrasive, and will make your trunk thump like you’ve just kidnapped somebody. Drill’s poster-boy, Chief Keef, famous for being a reckless teenager and never being allowed to legally leave his house, usually rhymes the same words together, which gets old rather quickly. Lil Herb is worth the listen because he very deliberately separates himself from his more lexically impaired contemporaries by rhyming words with different words. Real talk, Lil Herb has a dexterous pair of lips, and sounds a bit like Ludacris if Ludacris was more concerned with the “hell-hole he grew up in” instead of puns about Michael Phelps. His choice of beats is Legal Seafood-fresh, with the choir sample adding depth to spartan, war-zone bass.

BONUS BONUS BONUS: this song is called “Kill Shit.” It features Lil Bibby, and the best line is by far “kill a nigga like sticky rice.”

• Welcome to Fazoland:



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