El Sereno Records, the label responsible for dubbing tape gold from the likes of Family Event and TONY FERRARI have dropped their first release of 2014, and this time it’s nothing aaronmaxwell related. No, ESR006 belongs to Japanese producer Yagi, and is filled to the shell smooth piano samples and world guitar licks, all overtop that El Sereno bed of mid-fi vinyl hiss, quick drops, and filter sweeps. Gotta love a label that sticks to its guns, no matter what part of the world its material is being sourced from. Unfortunately, in the time between me finding out about the release of Moments and writing this post you are now reading, the tape has red-lettered (sold out). Sorry. But I feel this is an opportune time to tell you about Bandcamp’s new “Follow” feature [Editor’s Note: OH, SWEET!!!]. Located in the upper right hand corner of an artist or label page, you will see a Follow button which allows you to add any new activity from that page to your central Bandcamp hub, so you can just log in, scroll down, and catch up. So, what do you need me for, you ask? Good question.

The good news is that Moments is still available digitally for however much you think it’s worth to you, so you haven’t missed out entirely. You’re welcome, you ungrateful prick.

• Yagi: https://soundcloud.com/yagi1987
• El Sereno Records: http://elserenorecords.bandcamp.com



I’m tryna figure out if these images in the new “OCR” video complement the mood OR the art of what Alex Gray brings in his D/P/I project. The aesthetic of “on the fly” with these images is definitely on par with his sound structuring. And for the most part, I’ve always considered D/P/I (and most of Gray’s music) to be location-less. As if it comes from nowhere, but pure entity. Though, this aesthetic of “Chance Images” is ULTRA fun! MOST of these pictures here in “OCR” are not very a-typical to certain destinations, and not having direction in D/P/I is like… well, what it’s all about, right?

Imagine if the fellah (Gray) GAVE you directions somewhere in Calif. No DOUBT they’d be solid – hold the bum-steer – but he’d probably give you all landmark directions: “Hit the corner down the street where the taco vendor at, grip some food for three-bucks, then head left on that corner until you hit a BP with this dope graffiti you NEED to witness. Go right from there on the main boulevard and scope the skyline. Come BACK the way you came, pass the BP, and if you go far enough it’ll start to look like the country, and there’s this dope fountain that….” LOL <3

ANYHOW, fools!!! D/P/I is releasing a total tease on Leaving Records next Tuesday called RICO EP, which is VERY MUCH worth the listen, but definitely leaves you wanting more. More to come, though? MAYBE! Keep on your location-less game, continue checking back in, but in the mean-time, ride every D/P/I wave you can to remain!

• D/P/I: http://chanceimag.es
• Leaving Records: http://leavingrecords.com


“Hackle Scam Populator”

Enter the media which is working you over, to be sculpted by its strange geometry. And in becoming that thing, leave it behind: this here “Hackle Scam Populator” is a bit like a piece of Software.

Enter its soft wares and let its norms be yourself: tiny digitaelia bristle over the brain-hood, digesting us through a bacterial cleanse of kaleidoscopic solipsism (say that shit five times fast), trained to erase the distinctions of “analog” and “digital,” “real” and “fake,” “technological” and “biological,” “low” and “high” and other useless qualifiers: this is a zone of 100% yes. This is Membrane Pop. In this keen programmed biology you will get the BIG PICTURE through the lens of that which has programmed you – sculpted you, massaged you, become you.

Sculpture’s Membrane Pop is out May 12 in the UK and May 13 in the US via Software.

• Sculpture: http://tapebox.co.uk
• Software Records: http://www.softwarelabel.net

Dan Svizeny

“It’s Beautiful”

There are some WEIRD zones out there past all the shit-it-yourself and bootleg cultures of urban environments. Like, put aside all your classist and suburb hate, and focus on the mentality of people. When does it begin to crack and these kids/generations begin to refute that? Is it in vein that Dan Svizeny has a hockey jersey with his name on it within the new video for “It’s Beautiful?” Drinking cheap beer out in the woods at witching hour… is it to exit from that suburban-style living, or a tribute to pointing out ALL our American flaws of guilt? Does he purposefully point out the necessity to rebel or is it just so ingrained in his culture to be as such that it’s all pure-to-form videoing?

At all costs, Max Gardner (director of the video) adds another visual entity in his catalog of stoic (also a VERY Dan Svizeny attribute) videos on Vimeo, and it’s all kinda hot in a David Gordon Green sorta way. Also, shouts out to Mirror Universe Tapes to keeping the heat alive in their own way: videos, new tapes, baller status, etc. Point being, out of ALL them words: Dan Svizeny gets his bad-ass on CONSTANTLY and nothing can jack his swag. Was actually listening to 29 yesterday on my new stereo system and I just about died. Jacked about his new tape Daniel Anton Svizeny on Mirror Universe Tapes NOW!!!

• Dan Svizeny: http://coughcool.tumblr.com
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com

Moth Cock / Jerry Paper / Andy Boay

“Gatorboi” / “Come Over” / “Bullwhip Striders/Roll On River”

Taking a page from the C Monster post-book, I’m duel posting these hawt new Hausu Mountain tapes, because:

a. It’s nice outside
b. I’m staring out the window at muh bike
c. I’m feeling lazy, so
d. I’m saving time by only having to link Hausu Mountain once for both releases

And really, not to go patting myself on the back or nothing, but I’m kind of scribbling all over that page ‘cuz this is like a triple post, what with one of the releases being a split and all. It actually took me a really long time to figure out how to even format the title of this post. Does it make sense? Here, I’ll break it down for you:

Hausu Mountain, co-run by our bro, MUKQS has been spitting out tapes like crazy lately. The newest batch, including a tape from Ohio’s Moth Cock, which blasts through two sides of Black Dice-esque fuck-pop electronic manipulation, bending even the analog instrumentation into such bizarre territory as to leave the results entirely new and nearly unrecognizable. Listen to an excerpt from the “Gatorboi” side below:

Brooklyn’s Jerry Paper has been sadding up the stranger sides of that unique Brooklyn-style pop for years now with long sold out releases on small labels across the United States. “Come Over” from this split with tonstartssbandht’s Andy Boay, finds a bit of light peaking in through cardboard and newspaper clippings covering the windows; the breakdowns and change-ups finding Mr. Paper at a musical complexity beyond the tendencies of synth-and-drum-machine artists crafting pop songs by their lonesome. Come over:

“Bullwhip Strides/Roll On River” hits immediately with that familiar mountain of blown-out vocal harmonies, native to so many of Boay’s releases. Yet, despite the familiarity, Andy Boay is consistently a hard dude to pin down musically. With nearly twenty releases between his solo efforts and brotherly collaborative efforts as tonstartssbandht, the style is constantly shifting between angelic waves of voice, psychedelic jams, and blown-out punk rock. Not to mention the brother’s devotion to nearly all parts of the Beach Boys discography. Regardless, the man never disappoints, and this Hausu Mountain of squealing voices is no exception:

Shiiit. This was a three tape batch? Whoops. Well I’m not going back to include the William Selman tape now. Besides, a quadruple post? That might just break the Chocolate Grinder. Check that one out over here.

• Moth Cock: http://mothcock.bandcamp.com
• Jerry Paper: http://jerrypaper.bandcamp.com
• Andy Boay: http://andyboay.bandcamp.com
• William Selman: https://soundcloud.com/wselman
• Hausu Mountain: http://hausumountain.com



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