Hayden Pedigo

“Stray” feat. Danny Paul Grody

The latest LP from Seattle’s killer Debacle Records comes courtesy of Amarillo, TX guitarist Hayden Pedigo. Five Steps veers between two sides of Pedigo’s musical spectrum: crisp, beautiful acoustic numbers that build upon his low-key debut album, and tripped out, blasted experimentation on the other (the side-long “Dream Theory Parts One-Four”). You’ll just have to wait to hear the rest, but for now you can grab a glass of whiskey, sit out on the porch, and let “Stray” soundtrack these fleeting sunny summer afternoons. It’s a gorgeous tune that gives a good indication of what to expect from the first half of the record; however, there should be further hints at the darkness to come from the album’s second half, so keep an eye out for more details from Debacle in anticipation of Five Steps’ October 28 release date.

• Hayden Pedigo: http://haydenpedigo.bandcamp.com
• Debacle Records: http://www.debaclerecords.com


“goooochi st00pid”

How relevant is a two year old remix of a five year old song? Considering the circumstances, pretty relevant. GodsConnect knows what’s up. Timing is everything, or some other cliche about time. And even if the video/track wasn’t presently pertinent, at least Ahnnu tore that loop a new one. Celebrate that!

Check out the rest of GodsConnect’s work. Like maybe this gem, or even re-peep C’s shout out (“Knx does lyrics??” What a troll!!) from earlier this month.

• Gucci Mane: http://www.guccimaneonline.com
• Ahnnu: https://ahnnu.bandcamp.com
• GodsConnect: http://godsconnect.tumblr.com

Oren Ambarchi & Eli Keszler

“ALPS I” [extract]

Ominous. A sign of things ahead. A preparation, as it were, of something disturbing. Always pushing ahead with the main act, always trying to go forward where going forward seems impossible. There’s a darkness ahead, isn’t there?

But what is that darkness of? What stands before us? What can we not see that implores us forward into something meaningless that we can’t understand? What are we to prepare for, if we cannot accept what is happening? The impossible becomes a useless ideal, for we cannot grasp it within ourselves, waiting forever for the right moment to assert our being over the void rather than within it. We refuse darkness because it is wrong. And yet by refusing it…

We dance around the audio of being, rather than accept the noise that bombards us. That is the power of a perception filter: the noise becomes so intense that you just try to find something to hang on to, enough to ignore a lot of what passes by. But some do not have this. They have to endure every noise and sight like a thousand swords that merely prick instead of impale. A hindrance and a lot of bleeding, but no release.

When you can only do then is hear ahead, what is beyond. Knowing that something is ahead, yet unable to discern or see what it could mean.

Noise lords Oren Ambarchi & Eli Keszler are out with a new LP entitled ALPS in a limited pressing of 500 on Dancing Wayang Records and you’re invited to feel their velocity. Listen to “ALPS I” [excerpt] streaming below:

• Oren Ambarchi: http://www.orenambarchi.com
• Eli Keszler: http://elikeszler.com
• Dancing Wayang Records: http://dancingwayang.com

Future Ape Tapes

“Man With The Eagle Eye”

Hooker Vision, set and ready for September, slid Future Ape Tapes’ video for “Man With The Eagle Eye” through the cracks of some decayed wood from a cracker style porch just in time for their upcoming cassette Pyramirrormid, which is as fun to say as it is to try and imagine.

Label co-founders Grant and Rachel Evans saw an opportunity to celebrate the recent release of their solo albums by building a cradle out of Alpha Piscium and Lacerations cassettes, and filling it with three brand new tapes; #blessed.

Original bandmates, Donald Whitehead and Thomas Valadez, and a rotating cast of local musicians have keep Future Ape Tapes evolving for near a decade. Fuck The Future was 2006’s collage of tape-based samples; Temples kept the good mood food; Figure Eights and Reincarnations>>>> honed in on zoned out; 2014 is where we are, Pyramirrormid is the culmination. The video and first look, directed by ultra-homeboy Michael Lauden – their new percussionist and doesn’t appear on the tape – mirrors and distorts layers of analog and digital and a geocentric wrap-around that is Pyramirrormid. Future Ape Tapes are one part premeditated adrenalin two parts a primal vein for what the collapse of man entails and it’s going to be rad.

Cop one of the one hundred pro-dubbed tapes off Hooked Vision September 4 and flip through Future Ape Tapes’ extensive bandcamp and check the other two upcoming Hooker Vision releases: Quiet Evenings and Abyssal Farmers.

• Future Ape Tapes: http://www.futureapetapes.com
• Future Ape Tapes: https://futureapetapes.bandcamp.com
• Hooker Vision: http://hookervision.blogspot.com



Blockbuster Games, in affiliation with Blockbuster Records, has popped off a tease of their newest game DEEJAY TYCOON with a FREE LOOP PACK !​!​!. At MOST, a loop is like eight seconds long. But digital-music conglomorate Chaz Allen passed this along my way, and I felt like popping it up for all you gamers and beat makers. The labeling of the loops are skewed in comparison to their actual sounds, and I fucking LOVE that. And I need a pet that DJs. DEEJAY TYCOON feels like my dream right now. Want a taste?

• Blockbuster Records: https://blockbuster.bandcamp.com


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