Finally My Ex-Roommate Has Something to Match His AC/DC Pajamas: Questionable Sneakers!

So you love AC/DC right? You can sing all the words, you always crank up “Dirty Deeds” when it comes on the radio, and you’ve probably tried to learn their songs on guitar (or, you know, whatever instrument floats your boat).

Yes, you’re a superfan and you want the ENTIRE world to know. You have a bitchin’ AC/DC denim jacket (with the sleeves cut off), your closet is stuffed with countless AC/DC t-shirts, you've got posters, a dozen hats, probably some AC/DC underpants, the aforementioned PJs, and a pile of ticket stubs. However, remember when you got all dolled up in your AC/DC outfit (including some killer shades) and you were always, always, forced to wear a boring pair of plain, black sneakers? That sucked.

BUT NOT ANYMORE MOTHERFUCKER! Converse has announced that its fall collection will include new sneakers branded with images of AC/DC! Oh, and Metallica as well. The official press release goes a little something like this:

Iconic band graphics and visuals inspire this unique collection of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star shoe designs that celebrate two distinct bands that broke musical barriers and brought their inspired originality to music fans globally. With a rich musical heritage, Converse has collaborated with a wide range of groundbreaking artists and musical visionaries of the past, present, and future.

Quit filling my head with legal mumbo-jumbo and just tell me where and when to buy ‘em! I’m takin’ a stroll down the Highway to Hell!

Normally our weekly office knee’s up has no problem getting into full swing, but last week’s was weird. We could have blamed it on the uneasy feelings surrounding the changing of the guard from Leno to Conan, but we really couldn’t care less about who hosts Late Night now that NBC didn’t choose our preferred replacement. Whatever the reason, whether known, unknown, or speculated, it sucked (someone mentioned something about their “monthlies” ruining early proceedings… I think it was Jon Lorenz). That is, it sucked until someone had the good grace to cue up Deastro’s upcoming Moondagger album (Ghostly International, out June 23). From that moment the night turned from Remains of the Day to Bachelor Party

Here are Moondagger’s tracks and their corresponding mise-en-scènes during our bash:

1. Biophelia -- Kid Midnight drew a pistol and started firing shots into a vodka-infused watermelon, screaming, “That’s how the West was won, beotch!”
2. Parallelogram -- Annapocalypse and Kenny Bloggins, wearing a tiara and Boba Fett “Underoos”, respectively, shotgunned Sapporos and only talked gibberish.
3. Tone Adventure #3 -- Burke and Elzee competed for the title of “Best Skeet” with the staff’s fine ceramic phalli.
4. Toxic Crusaders -- Nobodaddy, to quote April Wine (and Hot Chocolate), “could have been alright, could have been here tonight, could have been sweet as wine, could have been a lady.” Sadly, he was none of these.
5. Greens, Grays, and Nordics -- Shelley Su yelled, “Who’s the piece-a-pooper who tied everyone’s shoes together!” before using the mess of shoes like a manriki to interrogate and whiplash our reviewing staff into confessing. Unfortunate for them, really, as the shoestring culprit was actually Mango Starr practicing his sailor's knots...
6. Day of Wonder -- Kasia Galaxy made white trash pad thai for everyone (Ramen noodles, peanut butter, Tabasco), then dished out block rockin’ beatings to anyone who wouldn’t eat it.
7. Pyramid Builders-- Hatchet had both asscheeks singed after maniacally performing blue angels out of the dumbwaiter.
8. Daniel Johnston Was Stabbed in the Heart with the Moondagger by the King of Darkness and His Ghost Is Writing this Song as a Warning to All of Us -- Did someone say they wanted to witness a circle jerk populated by Ze Pequeno, Liz Louche, and Couscous (a triangle jerk)? No one said it, but they saw it.
9. Rivers of Life -- Brom built a gazebo that was solid and dependable

10. Vermillion Plaza -- Heidi Vanderslice dropped $5.00 at the feet of “Bo-tae,” the blind, cockfighting rooster that we sponsor, and asked him to “bring the car around.”
11. Moondagger -- Kat Gardiner tongued this scary statue we bought on eBay (this happens at most TMT functions)

12. Kurgan Wave Number One -- Squeo, high on peanut skins, stopped everyone he walked past with a “nipple crippler” and his famous catchphrase, “Well, I don’t like golf, but I’m all for getting my balls washed!”
13. The Shaded Forests (Gift Giver’s Version) [bonus track] -- Everyone who I haven’t mentioned in this story sat in the corner and gave me stink-eye for not mentioning them

14. Tree Frog CD exclusive bonus track] -- [Mr. P streaked through the office giving random “drive-by shockers” (again, not an uncommon sight at one of our parties).

Such madcap scenes are bound to occur at any party that is soundtracked by the thoughtful electro-pop songs created by Randolph Chabot (Deastro to his parents). Try it yourself at home or, better yet, at one of the following live shows and see how things get swell and the venue suddenly fills with silly string dancers and billy goat gruffers. If that doesn’t sound cryptic enough, make sure to check out the cryptic 2010 dates taken from Deastro’s MySpace page. Click on each date at that page for important information on show details, ticket cost, and travel tips. Cheeky bastard!
06.10.09 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge
06.12.09 - Brooklyn, NY - Studio B (Northside Festival) $
06.13.09 - Montréal, QC - Le Divan Orange
06.15.09 - Cleveland, OH - B-Side Lounge
06.16.09 - Toronto, ON - The Drake
06.17.09 - Chicago, IL - Double Door
06.18.09 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
06.21.09 - Vancouver, BC - Media Club
06.22.09 - Seattle, WA - The Vera Project
06.23.09 - Portland, OR - Holocene
06.24.09 - San Francisco, CA - Bottom of the Hill
06.25.09 - Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland
06.28.09 - Indianapolis, IN - The Vollrath
06.30.09 - Detroit, MI - The Magic Stick %
07.03.09 - Detroit, MI - City Fest
01.01.10 - Mercury, the Solar System Skyfest - Caloris Basin
01.02.10 - Venus, the Solar System Skyfest - Gula Mons
01.03.10 - Mars, the Solar System Skyfest - Valles Marineris
01.04.10 - Jupiter, the Solar System Skyfest - Genetropolis
01.05.10 - Saturn, the Solar System Skyfest - Titantica (on the moon Titan)
01.06.10 - Uranus, the Solar System Skyfest - The Outermost Epsilon Ring
01.07.10 - Neptune, the Solar System Skyfest - The Great Dark Spot
01.10.10 - Pluto and Charon, the Solar System Skyfest - Plutonia!
12.25.10 - In Outer Space, Detroit, MI

$ Michna, Lusine, Mike Servito

% Black Moth Super Rainbow

First a Digital Download Shop for Radiohead and Now a Rare Solo Set from Thom at the Latitude Festival??? More Like GRATITUDE FESTIVAL!!!!

You’re in luck, good folk of Suffolk (and beyond)! Thom Yorke is either bored, flat broke, or worried that Radiohead is becoming less cool than Animal Collective or something, because he’s willed himself onto the bill at this year’s Latitude Festival, taking place July 16-19 in jolly old Henham Park... in cheery old Southwold... in merry old Sunrise Coast... in jovial old Suffolk... in ebullient old England.

Anyway, rejoice sinners, because the Radiohead frontman hasn’t played a giant public solo set like this one since the release of The Eraser (TMT Review), starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’ll most likely play that “Cymbal Rush” song that the kids are always talking about, and probably some Panda Bear covers.

Specifically, Yorke’s solo set is scheduled to be immaculately conceived on the... good-humored old Obelisk Arena stage at noon on Sunday, July 19, and is scheduled to be completed before the last petal falls off of some enchanted rose somewhere. Ticket information for the festival itself, including whoever the hell else is playing there, is available at the Latitude Festival website.

OH and the man's main band released a bunch of their stuff digitally through their own W.A.S.T.E. store!!!! So if you've been on the lookout for a non-solid copy of the "ehh..." second disc of In Rainbows, the "mmm..." aforementioned Eraser, or the "ohhh!!!" score to There Will Be Blood, it's officially time to go Radionuts.

Bowerbirds Announce New Tour with Megafaun; The Amount of Bird Puns that Just Came to Mind Is Alarming

Every campfire has its "no wait" guitar guy. You know, the dude who picks up the only acoustic guitar, strums a few chords of "Wonderwall," then interrupts himself with "no, wait" a dozen times while everyone silently itches to snatch it away from him. Or maybe I've just had bad bonfire experiences.

Anyway, I'm all in a tizzy because Bowerbirds remind me of s'more roasting. And they've got a boatload of tourdates in support of their upcoming album Upper Air, due July 7 from Dead Oceans.

All tourdates with Megafaun, whose new album Gather, Form & Fly drops July 21 via Hometapes:
07.06.09 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
07.07.09 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's
07.10.09 - Providence, RI - Club Hell
07.11.09 - Northampton, MA - Iron Horse Music Hall
07.12.09 - Cambridge, MA - TT the Bear's Place
07.13.09 - Montreal QC, Canada - La Sala Rossa
07.14.09 - Toronto ON, Canada - Sneaky Dees
07.15.09 - Cleveland, OH - Beachland Tavern
07.16.09 - Pontiac, MI - The Pike Room at The Crofoot
07.17.09 - Indianapolis, IN - Vollrath Tavern
07.20.09 - Iowa City, IA - The Mill
07.21.09 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th St. Entry
07.22.09 - Omaha, NE - Slowdown
07.26.09 - Denver, CO - Hi Dive
07.27.09 - Salt Lake City, UT - Kilby Court
07.29.09 - Vancouver BC, Canada - The Biltmore Cabaret
07.30.09 - Seattle, WA - Triple Door
07.31.09 - Anacortes, WA - Department of Safety
08.01.09 - Portland, OR - Mississippi Studios
08.03.09 - San Francisco, CA - Cafe du Nord
08.04.09 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo
08.05.09 - San Diego, CA - Casbah
08.06.09 - Phoenix, AZ - Rhythm Room
08.10.09 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress
08.12.09 - Denton, TX - Hailey's
08.13.09 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk
08.14.09 - Houston, TX - Walter's on Washington
08.15.09 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jack's
08.16.09 - Birmingham, AL - The Bottletree
08.17.09 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl

We here at Tiny Mix Tapes like to keep you abreast on all matters copyright-related without making pirate jokes. This is why our news feeds are set to Swedish newspapers, even though we don't speak Swedish. The past two days in Sweden have taken an interesting turn on all matters copyright on two fronts.

First, the political. Across Europe, elections for the European Parliament, the EU's legislative body, were taking place over the last few days. Much of the press spotlight has been on the UK, where Labour was crushed in elections by the Tories and the Liberal Democrats. But we don't care about Gordon Brown and his ratty YouTube smile. We care about copyright, and that's why we're in Sweden: The Piratpartien (The Pirate Party), a party dedicated to copyright reform, scored fifth in the overall election with over 7% of the vote, higher than more significant parties such as the Left and Christian Democrat parties. This means the party is guaranteed a seat in the European Parliament, to be taken by the activist Christian Engström in the fall.

Immediately, the effects are very limited. Even if the proposed Lisbon Treaty was implemented, the most the the Pirate Party could pick up is two seats out of over SEVEN HUNDRED. The influence it has on the parliament will be minimal, at best. However, the impact over the longterm is much more significant. If one were to translate its place and vote percentage into next year's Riksdag (Swedish parliament) election, it would gain about 20 seats. For reference, the last Riksdag election was determined by precisely that many seats. In politics, they call that being a "kingmaker," which means the party could significantly influence policy. And though many more votes are at stake, the Pirate Party has a lot of momentum: It is the second largest party for the 18-34 age bracket and has the largest youth wing in Sweden (which means a lot more in Europe).

It also helps that the Pirate Bay trial remains in the news constantly, which brings us to our next front: Legal. Yesterday, in the appeals case for the Pirate Bay 4, the Svea Court of Appeal heard arguments from the Stockholm District Court, whose judge, Tomas Norstrom, presided over the trial. One of the key issues with the appeal concerns the judge, who was a member of two known Swedish pro-copyright organizations. TPB attorneys presented a case a few weeks prior that the judge's membership allegedly made him biased against TPB.

So what is the Stockholm District Court's defense of his pro-copyright membership? In a statement to the court, "The memberships are simply a means to gain increased knowledge of copyright legislation issues and are not therefore grounds to establish bias," and that "it is imperative that judges remain abreast of the issues." With all due respect to the Who guitarist, this sounds like the "Pete Townshend" defense: Claiming you were involved in inappropriate/illegal activity for "research" purposes. It's also trying cheat your way out of the system.

We will keep you posted with updates on each as the trial continues, and stay tuned for our new feature column, "Michael Engström går till Bryssel." Or not.

Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 Out on September 11 – Bashing Auto-Tune is Officially Cool

Thanks to dodgy leaks and forthcoming Atlantic Records employees, Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 will be out on September 11, released on Mr Z’s own Roc Nation imprint and distributed by Atlantic.

The anti-climactic official announcement is rumored to take place at NYC radio station Hot 97's annual Summer Jam concert (or maybe he’ll choose another date because, y’know, rappers hate twitterers).

The Kanye West-produced record will be featuring an anti-Auto-Tune single, endearing Jay-Z to millions of purists but alienating the billions of devotees who read Tiny Mix Tapes’ star column: All That Is Solid. This, of course, officially makes Auto-Tune uncool because Jay-Z fuckin’ said so and he ain’t gonna take no shit from labels, Chris Brown, or washed-up has-beens. Just wanted to get that out there, yo!

RIP: Kenny Rankin

From Billboard:

Kenny Rankin, a brilliant pop vocalist and highly regarded musician-songwriter whose stylings ranged from jazz to pop to the world music influences he picked up as a child in New York, has died of complications related to lung cancer, his record company announced Monday. He was 69.

Rankin died Sunday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Mack Avenue Records spokesman Don Lucoff said.

The musician, who first gained acclaim as one of the guitarists on Bob Dylan's landmark 1965 album, "Bringing it all Back Home," had been preparing to record an album of new material when he became ill a few weeks ago. Recording sessions scheduled with producer Phil Ramone were canceled as his health began to deteriorate.

- Kenny Rankin official website
- Kenny Rankin Wikipedia entry

Who Says Black Mountain Solo Projects Are Incapable of Harnessing the Power of Infinite Light? I For One Never Said That

Imagine yourself atop a black mountain. You are in Canada. Secretly. In the distance you see a cross-eyed Jaguar, known in zoology circles as a Jagjaguwar. Faintly you hear a dark and angelic, utterly haunting revelry. You may be stoned. You may be listening to Lightning Dust.

Joshua Wells and Amber Webber, both Black Mountaineers, are teaming up again to release their second album together, Infinite Light, on Jagjaguwar, following up their moody and ethereal self-titled debut of '06. The record hits stores August 4 in The States, August 3 in The U.K.


1. Antonia Jane
2. I Knew
3. Dreamer
4. The Times
5. Never Seen
6. History
7. Honest Man
8. Waiting on the Sun to Rise
9. Wondering What Everyone Knows
10. Taking It Home

Oh My Gosh: Blitzen Trapper Tour with Loch Lomond in the U.S., Announce European Tour Too

In its ongoing hunt for the ever-elusive reindeer that shares the band's name, Blitzen Trapper have announced an extensive tour that takes the band from the West Coast down through the Southwestern U.S. There's one stop in Canada at Vancouver's Richards on Richards, which is strange because one nary scopes a reindeer south of the 49th parallel. Stranger things have happened, though. Then, it's off to Europe.

Fellow Portlanders Loch Lomond join the Trappers on most of the U.S. dates, while the European leg sees them playing fests like Oya Natt, Way Out West, Haldern, Highland, and more

07.09.09 - Sacramento, CA - Harlow's #
07.10.09 - Visalia, CA - Cellar Door #
07.11.09 - Santa Barbara, CA - Velvet Jones #
07.12.09 - Hollywood, CA - Hollywood Bowl (with Jenny Lewis & Ray LaMontagne)
07.13.09 - Solana Beach, CA - Belly Up #
07.15.09 - Aspen, CO - Belly Up
07.16.09 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater #
07.18.09 - Iowa City, IA - Picador #
07.20.09 - Milwaukee, WI - Pabst Theater #
07.21.09 - Fargo, ND - Aquarium (Dempsey’s Upstairs) #
07.23.09 - Bozeman, MT - Filling Station
07.24.09 - Boise, ID - Neurolux (Portland Cello Project)
07.25.09 - Kennewick, WA - Red Room (The Quiet Ones)
07.30.09 - Vancouver, BC - Richards on Richards
08.01.09 - Mt. Scott, OR - Pickathon 2009 (@ 1PM)
08.02.09 - Mt. Scott, OR - Pickathon 2009 (@ 8:30PM)
08.11.09 - Finland, Helsinki - Tavastia Club
08.12.09 - Oslo, Norway - Oya Natt Festival (Andrew Bird)
08.13.09 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Way Out West Festival
08.15.09 - Haldern, Germany - Haldern Festival
08.16.09 - Utrecht, Netherlands - Ekko
08.17.09 - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso
08.18.09 - Liege, Belgium - L'Escalier
08.19.09 - Antwerpen, Belgium - Bar Mondial
08.20.09 - The Hague, Netherlands - Paard van Troje
08.23.09 - Erfurt, Germany - Highfield Festival(Coke Tent)
08.25.09 - London, UK - Troxy $
08.27.09 - Dublin, Ireland - Vicar Street $
08.28.09 - Dublin, Ireland - Vicar Street $
08.31.09 - County Antrim, Ireland - Auntie Annies
09.02.09 - Cork, Ireland - Cyprus Avenue
09.03.09 - Galway, Ireland - Roisin Dubh
09.06.09 - Stradbally, Ireland - Electric Picnic
09.08.09 - Glasgow, UK - 02 Academy ^
09.09.09 - Newcastle, UK - Academy 2 ^
09.11.09 - Manchester, UK - Apollo ^
09.12.09 - Wiltshire, UK - End of the Road Festival
09.13.09 - Wales, UK - Clwb Ifor Bach
09.14.09 - London, UK - Barfly
09.15.09 - Luxembourg, Den Atelier ^
09.16.09 - Paris, France - Grand Rex ^
10.02.09 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits (@ 8:30PM)

# Loch Lomond

$ Wilco

^ Fleet Foxes

New Tim Buckley Live Album Drops in August with Previously Unheard Songs

What’s worse than watching a young musical genius get cut down ruthlessly in the prime of his creative life? Seeing the exact same thing happen to that person’s young musical genius son. Although they met only once, father Tim Buckley and son Jeff shared many things through their melodious blood. Both had robust crowns of chestnut hair, both were packing fuckin’ Sistine Chapels in their throats, and neither one can be mentioned without inevitably drawing attention to the other. The son he never wanted, the father he never had, forever piggybacked upon one another through the annals of pop music. Goddamn, why hasn’t the legend of Buckley & Son been made into a One Life to Live story arc yet?

But on March 6, 1967, while four-month old Jeff was most likely sleeping and farting in his mother’s arms, father Tim, then only one album deep into his extraordinary career, took the stage at Izzy Young’s Folklore Center in Greenwich Village in front of a somber crowd of 35 people. That night, the senior Buckley played a mixture of songs from his 1966 self-titled debut and 1967’s upcoming Goodbye and Hello, as well as a half dozen tunes that never made it on any Tim Buckley record. That is, until August 25, 2009, when Tompkins Square Records releases a completely restored recording of the show in its entirety. Packaged along with a previously unpublished interview with Buckley conducted by Young, on paper Live at the Folklore Center appears to be a much-needed early account of a challenging artist whose body of work has only become difficult with the passage of lives and time. So how's bout it, Buckheads? Excited? I know I am!


1. Song for Jainie
2. I Never asked to Be Your Mountain
3. Wings
4. Phantasmagoria in Two
5. Just Please Leave Me #
6. Dolphins
7. I Can’t See You
8. Troubadour
9. Aren’t You the Girl
10. What Do You Do (He Never Saw You) #
11. No Man Can Find the War
12. Carnival Song
13. Cripples Cry #
14. If the Rain Comes #
15. Country Boy #
16. I Can’t Leave You Loving Me #

# indicates previously unreleased Tim Buckley composition