Treasure Island: A Grocery Store, A Casino, A Robert Louis Stevenson Novel, And Now A Music Festival Too!

Maybe it’s because I don’t live in San Francisco, but I had never heard of the Treasure Island Music Festival until a few days ago, when the lineup for the 2nd annual edition was announced.

I had, however, heard of the following Treasure Islands:

- The casino/hotel in Las Vegas
- The famous novel by Robert Louis Stevenson about pirates
- The grocery store in Chicago (now with seven locations!)
- The furniture store chain in New York and New Jersey, which apparently filed for bankruptcy two-and-a-half years ago

But, none of those are as important as the music festival, so let’s get down to the details, shall we?

The Treasure Island Music Festival takes place September 20-21 on an island in the middle of the San Francisco bay. Pretty sweet, I know. Tickets go on sale Friday, May 30 at 10 AM via the festival’s website. It costs $65 for single day tickets and $115 for two-day passes. In addition to a sweet lineup, the two-day celebration will also feature interactive activities for the audience, including a Ferris wheel, a vending village featuring local artists and designers, and a wide array of food and beverages.

And no story about a festival would be complete without a lineup, so here it is:

- Saturday, September 20:

Justice / TV On The Radio / Goldfrapp / Hot Chip / CSS / Antibalas / Aesop Rock / Amon Tobin / Foals / Mike Relm / Nortec: Bostich + Fussible

- Sunday, September 21:

The Raconteurs / Tegan & Sara / Vampire Weekend / Spiritualized / Okkervil River / Tokyo Police Club / The Kills / Dr. Dog / John Vanderslice / The Dodos / Fleet Foxes

Spoon To Tour, But More Importantly: If They Cover The Knife, Will It Be On the Forkcast?

Spoon, defined by Wikipedia as “Indie Rock,” will soon be touring in support of their new EP, Don’t You Evah. They have decided to tour almost exclusively in cities that already have an abundance of good shows on any given night, which is really cool. The lone exception is some place called “Troutdale,” a cozy little Oregon town which has its own blog.

The band released Don’t You Evah last month on Merge. It's 87.5% “Don’t You Evah” or a variant thereof, and features some oddly hot cover art. You can pick up a copy at any of the following dates, your local record store, or, if you really hate the band and want personal responsibility for their starvation, you can download it.

Dates dates dates dates dates:

* Beck and MGMT

Cat Power Extends Tour; Small Carnivorous Species of Crepuscular Mammals Rejoice!

$ Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Spiritualized

Cat Power Extends Tour; Small Carnivorous Species of Crepuscular Mammals Rejoice!

$ Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Spiritualized

Attention Torrent Sites I’m On: Comcast Is Throttling All BitTorrent Traffic All the Time; Still Sorry About My Ratio, Though

A couple of weeks ago, TorrentFreak reported on a new plugin that compared the rate of a person’s torrent traffic to the rest of their online traffic. The developers of the plugin have released some cool, eye-catching charts and graphs using the data they collected.

The upswing of all that boring crap is that Comcast, the largest cable television company and second largest ISP, lied to the FCC a couple months back, claiming they only throttle “excessive” traffic “during periods of peak network congestion.” About a month later, Comcast claimed they would “slow traffic for those users who consume the most bandwidth” and not “slow traffic by certain types of applications.” As you might have guessed, the aforementioned boring charts prove otherwise, pretty much unequivocally

At least the jig is definitely up for Comcast, now that a handful of bloggers and other assorted nerds are through the looking glass. The keyboard is mightier than the almighty dollar! En garde, corporate America.

Ticketmaster Invents Paperless Ticket™ Technology in Time for Tom Waits Tour; A Lot Less Exciting Than It Sounds, Trust Me

Over the next year and a half, Ticketmaster will be rolling out their new, ridiculously named Paperless Ticket™ technology at major venues across North America. The service will be available online and by phone and will have a two-per-customer limit. Paperless Ticket™ holders can skip the will-call line straight to the doorstaff, where their credit card will be scanned to determine their purchase.

Other benefits? Aside from convenience and being eco-friendlier, the new service will make it virtually impossible to scalp tickets (unless, of course, you're a division of Ticketmaster, who apparently sanction certain forms of scalping). And for those of you paper fetishists who save your stubs, you can still do it old skool for now, but intangible tickets will likely be the norm in the near future, so you might as well start saving your confirmation e-mails from now on.

The Paperless Ticket™ seems like a great idea, and since Ticketmaster is responsible for more than half of all ticket sales in the United States, it's bound to affect you eventually. Interestingly, the paperless technology will debut in conjunction with the upcoming Tom Waits tour, so it may affect you sooner than you'd think.

Tom Waits U.S. Tourdates:

The Jealous Girlfriends to Tour with Sea Wolf, You to Go to a Show, Your Annoying Girlfriend to Demand Knowing Who is Going to Be There, What Time You Will Be Back, If You Will Buy Her a Tee-Shirt, You to Hate Her But Still Probably Do It When You Get Home If Nothing Is On But Syndicated Episodes of One Tree Hill

The Jealous Girlfriends are set to release their debut album, Good Fences, June 3 and will tour in support of headliners Sea Wolf at the below dates. Remember your girlfriend’s tee-shirt, tank top and/or souvenir cup if you want any love that night, baby-baby. Check TV Guide, though. There may be something better to do.

Who are you with? What’s her name? Is she prettier than me?

* Sam Champion

Is it too early to start thinking about November? Not if the Brainwaves Festival has anything to say about it!

Has your autumn party season been missing something? Is Armistice Day missing the sparkle it once had? Has Thanksgiving become just another opportunity to sit silent and bloated on your couch surrounded by people who don't understand you? Well, no more! Because this fall's Brainwaves Festival 2008 lineup has already been announced, and from now on, the period between November 21-23, 2008 will never be the same.

Brainwaves 2008 will be throwin' down at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA with a smashing roster and perhaps even a chance to consume alcoholic beverages. And there's going to be more than bitchin' tunes and what the press release refers to as "amazing" seating! This year's lineup also features a special spotlight on Kranky Records, which will be celebrating 15 years of purveying the finest in independent music.

Other performers include: Matmos, Marissa Nadler, Meat Beat Manifesto, A Place to Bury Strangers, Stars of the Lid, Gary Wilson, Rivulets, Little Annie, The Reformed Faction (of Zoviet France), Andrew Liles and Jonathan Coleclough, His Name Is Alive, Nmperign feat. Jason Lescalleet, Charalambides, Glenn Jones, Lichens, Strategy, Nudge, Boduf Songs, Baby Dee, and To Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie.

To experience all this and more, just head over to this pretty sweet-looking website and plonk down your $75.

Brothers in Alms! Alan and Richard Bishop Give Charles Gocher and Sun City Girls Live Tribute

Q: How do you get a little old lady to say “FUCK!”

A: Get another little old lady to say “BINGO!”

There. All jokes out of the way. Not all news needs to be forced funny or clever-clever. Sometimes the news has to be a straight claim, like this: Alan Bishop and Richard Bishop, two-thirds of Sun City Girls are touring in tribute to their fallen friend and bandmate Charles Gocher, who passed away last February.

Aptly titled “The Brothers Unconnected: A Tribute to Charles Gocher & Sun City Girls,” the tour began on May 18 in Seattle and will run through July 6 in San Diego and beyond (there are some dates still to be determined). Make sure to come early and watch a 40-minute film of Gocher’s video work, entitled The Handsome Stranger, which will play at many of the dates below. Check out a clip of the film here.

You’re never alone with The Brothers Unconnected:
05.21.08 - San Francisco, CA - Slim’s
05.23.08 - Phoenix, CA - Modified Arts
05.25.08 - Los Angeles , CA - Echoplex
05.27.08 - Sacramento, CA - Horse Cow Art Gallery
06.08.08 - Denver, CO - High Dive
06.10.08 - Kansas City, MO - Record Bar
06.11.08 - Omaha, NE - The Waiting Room
06.12.08 - Minneapolis, MN - 7th Street Entry
06.13.08 - Iowa City, IA - The Picador
06.14.08 - Chicago, IL - Lakeshore Theater
06.15.08 - Louisville, KY - Pour Haus
06.17.08 - Toronto, ON - St. Vladimir's Institute Theater
06.18.08 - Montréal, QC - La Sala Rosa
06.19.08 - Cambridge, MA - The Brattle Theater
06.20.08 - Portland, ME - SPACE
06.21.08 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's
06.22.08 - New York , NY - Knitting Factory
06.24.08 - Pittsburgh, PA - Andy Warhol Gallery
06.25.08 - Washington, DC - Black Cat
06.26.08 - Asheville, NC - Grey Eagle
06.27.08 - Atlanta, GA - The E.A.R.L

06.28.08 - Chattanooga, TN - Barking Legs Theatre
06.29.08 - Memphis, TN - Odessa
06.30.08 - New Orleans, LA - One Eyed Jack’s
07.02.08 - Austin, TX - Emo’s
07.05.08 - Tucson, AZ - Club Congress
07.06.08 - San Diego, CA - Bar Pink Elephant

File-Sharing Program Soulseek Makes It to the iPhone

You can't teach an old iPhone new tricks, but its enlightened counterpart, the Unlocked iPhone, can now earn your music library a whole lotta bragging rights, which may cause YOU to do a back flip. Enter iSlsk, a new P2P program for hacked-and-improved iPods, which allows phone owners to share media files on Soulseek's network.

The Father of iSlsk, Eric Castro, is tackling the bugs that have already been reported (excluding "Why does my iPhone spontaneously combust when I try to play ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ on repeat?!"), but so far, most people have been able to download Belle and Sebastian albums at fairly high speeds using iSlsk.

Still, what about the next generation of iPhones? There's only one way to describe the ease with which the first iPhone was hacked: shit was embarrassing. Kids using iSlsk are guaranteed to be part of the tech set, so it could be a pretty big downer to buy a shiny new iPhone and find that it can't do them quite right anymore, assuming Apple will wise up on the latest model's security. Unless, of course, they're counting on this year's crop of 17-year-olds from New Jersey to be significantly less adept at cracking their software than the last.