Black Lips to Tour, Probably to Piss Onstage and/or Get Naked

...Yeah. And, speaking of fun and getting naked, check drummer Joe Bradley's (and others?) awesome rap side-project, Incoqnekro.

Over the weekend, The Black Lips played shows at Lollapalooza and Empty Bottle, as well as a free gig at MacCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn, NY, but don't worry:

I Was Partially Right: Max Tundra Readies Parallax Error Beheads You in Preparation for Hot Chip Tour

Remember last week when I wrote up a story (TMT News) about Max Tundra touring with Hot Chip? Of course you don't, because you never read my shit. :*( Anyway, so the story was primarily about the tour, but I spent the majority of it bitching about how his new album has been in the works for a ridiculously long time. Fed up with the empty promises of the new album, I said the following:

But fuck it, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the new album is done and it’s being released October 7. I have nothing (really, nothing) but my gut instincts to go off from, but October 7 would be a great date, as it would coincide nicely with his upcoming UK tour with Hot Chip.

And what do you know? A week later, Domino has officially announced the arrival of Parallax Error Beheads You, due not on October 7, but October 13 (presumably October 14 in the U.S.). I was only a week off! And, since I posted the tour story a week earlier than the official announcement, perhaps my internal clock is simply a week off. Or, more likely, I can see into the future. Besides, I just knew that Greyhound bus dude was going to repeatedly stab the guy sitting next to him, behead him, eat parts of him, and then stuff body parts in his pockets.

& Wiley

^ Hot Chip

$ Domino's Crystal Anniversary series with Juana Molina

* Clinic, of Montreal, DAT Politics, James Chance

Deerhunter Tour; Inexplicably Avoid Hunting Lodges, Tours with Times New Viking

This past Sunday, I attended one of the illustrious McCarren Park Pool Parties, not knowing the full lineup and hoping to not get peed on by The Black Lips. And what was my little soul blessed with? Three wonderful, beautiful things:

1. Les Savy Fav lead singer Tim Harrington on a Slip‘n’Slide with his infant child!
2. Tim Harrington's subsequent slurred ramblings on the stage mic!
3. Quoth Harrington, as four lovely men took the stage: "D-E-E-R-H-U-N-T-E-R!"

If only Tim Harrington could accompany them as MC for this big ol' mess of tourdates. However, I am pretty sure that Trent Reznor would have something terrifying to say about it.

I guarantee that no one in Deerhunter will ever be able to utter another phrase as badass as, "Next week I'm touring with Nine Inch Nails."


& Times New Viking

$ Nine Inch Nails

Rich Idiot Pays $23K For a Reel-To-Reel of Beatles Stoner Chatter

A recently unearthed reel-to-reel tape of a giggling and gossiping Beatles sold for $23,446 in an internet auction. The half-hour long tape, recorded in 1964 and discovered in a north England attic by one lucky punter, features a fun-having Fab Four chatting like pals and laughing like maniacs, including a version of “I’ll Follow the Sun” that reduces the presumably baked John and Paul to a pair of uncontrollably chuckling morons.

Along with all the merriment, early versions of "I Feel Fine," "I'm a Loser," and "Don't Put Me Down Like This" appear on the tape. The identity of the auction winner was not revealed, but honestly, I hope this yahoo remains anonymous forever. I never want to see the face of a Beatlemaniac so rabid that not even the deluxe edition of Help! provided enough footage of The Beatles getting high and giving each other titty twisters (or whatever the hell they put on the expanded special features of fucking Help!), inevitably driving the lucky winner to dropping the equivalent of an inner-city school teacher’s salary on a reel-to-reel of Liverpudlians with the munchies.

Some people have too much money.

The Streets Plans New LP, Schedules Tour, Is Probably Drunk

British MC The Streets (née Mike Skinner) is gearing up to release a new album and tour Europe this fall. Everything is Borrowed, Skinner's fourth record, will be released September 15 in the UK. Following 2006's The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living, Everything is a continuation of the goofy, grime-damaged Brit-hop sound and middle-England slice-of-life storytelling that has defined his career to date.

Lead single "The Escapist," however, represents a major break for Skinner due to its experimental video, available for free at The Streets' official site. The video weds the track's gently skittering beats and downtrodden vocals to shots of Skinner wandering aimlessly along highways and through pastoral landscapes in France. Skinner says the video, shot by Ted Mayhem of Streets video/blog side project Beat Stevie, "was totally different from any other video that I've made in that it was something real that we just filmed rather than trying to create something real looking using lots of people and lots of angles." "The Escapist" will be followed as a single by Everything is Borrowed's title track a couple of weeks after the album's release.

The Streets will also hit the road shortly after the album's release, embarking on extensive tours of the UK and Germany and hitting other European destinations here and there.

Liars Tour, Pet Boa Constrictors, Japanese/English Translators

Lying is a destructive, alienating habit (just ask The Dark Knight’s Joker!). So, before we here at TMT’s 3rd Floor, Dayton Ohio-based office/private oxygen bar go around posting just any old news story about Liars allegedly playing more summer dates next month with Radiohead, we figured that we’d better make sure that our facts were straight... you know, in order to cut down on all of that potential fibbing that might slip by.

So, a few of us staff writers got into the Kompressor that I definitely own and certainly don’t lease, drove out to Liars’ home in Chicago, and talked to the ladies in the band about what their recent experience being on the road with Radiohead was really like. This is what they said, according to the Japanese/English translators that they travel with:

In a world full of fear and ripe with insincerity it’s such a relief to have met Radiohead. They are purveyors of truth, beauty and a moral responsibility to the planet. We've been welcomed with literal open arms and thoroughly schooled on how to function as a band -- not just musically, but ethically too. The honor is in learning from the best, and from the beginning we've been in class... For now, we'd like to send our huge thanks to the Radiohead crew for being so super crazy nice and supportive to us. We'll see them... during our West Coast tour with [them] in August -- so no tears yet.

Now, August is upon us, and it seems like Liars will indeed be touring the West Coast of the United States with Radiohead. The facts have been corroborated by TMT’s Fact-Checking/Regicide Department, who determined -- after speaking with several of the bandmates’ parents, label mates, children, same-sex partners, and pet boa constrictors -- that everything checked out just fine! Now... do you wanna know how I got these scars???

* Radiohead

Iggy Pop and The Stooges’ Rental Truck Recovered! But That’s Not All That Was Recovered… Wait, Yes It Is

As we reported yesterday (TMT News), Iggy Pop and The Stooges woke up Monday morning to an empty parking space. Good morning! Apparently, their rental truck and the music equipment inside it were stolen. But there is some good news currently trickling down the long, phallic press pipe: according to Rolling Stone, the 15-foot yellow Penske truck was discovered by Canadian police several blocks from their Montreal hotel (good work, pigs). Unfortunately, the musical equipment was nowhere to found.

That won't stop The Stooges, though, as their gig in Toronto tonight is still on. Rather than retooling their live rock show as an impressionistic dance production, the band will use borrowed equipment to keep the rock spirit alive. Hope they borrowed a BOSS Metal Zone distortion pedal, because I have a feeling The Stooges will want to rock harder than they've ever rocked before.

Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell:

Oh, Jack White’s Very Popular. The Sportos, the Motorheads, Geeks, Sluts, Bloods, Waistoids, Dweebies, Dickheads…They All Adore Him. They Think He’s a Righteous Dude. The Raconteurs Head Into Further Summer Festival Madness.

Things Jack White can do:

- Sing, act, dance... capoeira!
- Take lemons, make lemonade.
- Punch out punk-ass copy-cats who probably deserved it anyway.
- Spit bullets on the mic.
- Sire miracle babies with supermodel wife.
- Snag the coveted Bond theme for the upcoming Quantum of Solace.
- Assemble a rag-tag bunch of minstrels and turn them into stadium-trouncing monsters of rock!

Yes, everything White touches turns to multi-platinum. So while The Raconteurs flit and fly between their home base of Nashville and far-off vistas like Paris and Luxembourg (and Reading!) frustrated combos the nation over continue to fart around the country with all bandmates and gear stuffed into ramshackle Chrysler Sebrings. Luckily, The Raconteurs are more than just famous players as evidenced on their two delightful albums – Broken Boy Soldiers and Consolers of the Lonely – and have rightfully attracted followers in droves. Seriously, if a new study on obesity was looking for larger test groups (groan...) they could start with The Raconteurs’ audiences.

The supergroup-of-sorts will continue their shifty sched throughout August and September, during which they will play a bunch of festival gigs in the U.S. and oversees as well as some shows with The Kills in assorted theatres, auditoriums, and bowls. Not bad, but I’m holding back props until they play either Pompeii or my backyard.
08.09.08 - Pittsburgh, PA - New American Music Union Festival
08.23.08 - Reading, England - Reading Festival
08.24.08 - Leeds, England - Leeds Festival
08.26.08 - Edinburgh, Scotland - Edge Festival @ Corn Exchange
08.28.08 - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg - Den Atelier
08.29.08 - Paris, France - Rock en Seine
09.16.08 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater #
09.17.08 - Portland, OR - Roseland Theater #
09.18.08 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Maulkin Bowl (Stanley Park) #
09.19.08 - Seattle, WA - WaMu Theater #
09.21.08 - San Francisco, CA - Treasure Island Music Festival
09.22.08 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theater #
09.23.08 - Los Angeles, CA - Greek Theater #
09.24.08 - San Diego, CA - SDSU Open Air Theater #
09.25.08 - Santa Barbara, CA - Santa Barbara Bowl #
09.28.08 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits Festival
09.29.08 - Memphis, TN - Cannon Center #
09.30.08 - Nashville, TN - Ryman Auditorium #
10.01.08 - Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle #

# The Kills

Burial Confirms Identity, to Release New 12-Inch, Working on New LP, Tan

It really is no big deal, and we at TMT usually try to stay away from the more gossip-y stuff, but it's nice to get confirmation every once in awhile. Burial, the highly acclaimed dubstep producer, has officially revealed his name to be Will Bevan. According to a recent MySpace post:

for a while theres been some talk about who i am , but its not a big deal i wanted to be unknown because i just want it to be all about the tunes. over the last year the unknown thing become an issue so im not into it any more.

im a lowkey person and i just want to make some tunes, nothing else. my names will bevan, im from south london.

The name has been kicking around for quite awhile -- most notably from The Independent and his publishing company BMI -- so it's not too surprising to those of you following his every move (you should be moving to his every sound).

Meanwhile, Bevan goes on to say that he's working on a new album -- the follow-up to Untrue (TMT Review) and his self-titled release (TMT Review) -- and plans to release a 12-inch of four new songs in the "next few weeks."

[Thanks Tipster Doofus!]

Akimbo Prep for Fall Tour and New Album, Jersey Shores, Eagerly Await Discovery Channel’s Shark Week

The woman next to you at the coffeeshop where you use the internet is giving someone on the phone advice using self-help speak. What do you do? Listen to Akimbo. You're at the coffeeshop because you've been looking for several months and still can't find a job, and now you're totally ragin'. What do you do? Why, listen to Akimbo! You're supposed to write a story for a music zine, but it's already late in the week and you haven't done anything. What do you -- oh come on, it's obvious. You write a story about Akimbo.

Clearly, the Seattle hardcore group is appropriate for every occasion. Which means their upcoming tour couldn't come at a better time! They've been around for ten years now, consistently bringing rough and raucous live shows to a venue near you. With five albums on Alternative Tentacles and Seventh Rule under their collective belt, Akimbo is planning to release their latest, Jersey Shores, September 23 on Neurot Recordings. For those of you who are really pumped for the Discovery Channel's upcoming Shark Week, get ready: Jersey Shores is a concept album about a series of vicious shark attacks that terrorized the Jersey coast in 1916. A better and more terrifying end to summer, I cannot imagine.

* Witchcraft (Music Fest North West)

** Iota, Gaza

*** When Dinos Ruled the Earth, The High Cost of Living

***** Cable, Angels Of Meth (members of 27), Eastern Bloodhounds, and Libyans

******Panache Booking CMJ Showcase w/ DMBQ, Monotonix, The Mae Shi, AIDS Wolf, Yip Yip The Homosexuals, Sole, Shellshag, Fiasco, Aa, and more

******* Sweet Cobra, Millions



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