♫♪  Life Sim - “IDL”

Is it just me or has PC Music been quiet this year? I mean, aside from various live performances, the label has only released two incredible mixes by easyFun, its first “official” album, two “Dog Food” mixes, a tasty treat from GFOTY, and several new singles — not to mention many, many, many, many, many, many, many, affiliated remixes, previews, collaborations, tracks, EPs, and Energy Elixirs that have also come out this year. It’s, like, “Get off the iPad!!,” know what I mean?

OK, fuck it. We’re spoiled. But we also have no shame, which is why it’s still okay to say it’s about time we got a new transmission from PC Music. The track is “IDL” by Life Sim — “an international community of DJs, joining forces to redesign life itself” — who performed at PC Music’s Halloween webcast last year and who has previously released mixes like All Life and This Life. It’s PC Music’s second “official” single, following last year’s “Every Night” by Hannah Diamond. You can purchase the track here, which comes with a twisted Thy Slaughter remix (that you can also stream and download here).

Check out its brilliant video above, and read this note about it from director Daniel Swan: “drifting towards earth and through the blockbuster emotions threaded through it, the video for ‘IDL’ is made up of single clips from a rainbow of random post-y2k motion pictures.”

Meanwhile, keep your fingers crossed for release info soon on full-lengths by Hannah Diamond, Danny L. Harle, and GFOTY.

• IDL: http://idl.pcmusic.info
• Life Sim: https://soundcloud.com/lifesim
• PC Music: http://pcmusic.info

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