Nmesh curates 100-track tribute compilation to The Caretaker, proceeds to benefit The Alzheimer’s Association

Nmesh curates 100-track tribute compilation to The Caretaker, proceeds to benefit The Alzheimer's Association

If last week’s new Caretaker installment and additional 16-song album weren’t enough to satisfy your Leyland Kirby fix, then how about 100 more Caretaker-related tracks?!? [wild applause] Nmesh, the plundering madman/genius who released one of our favorite records of 2017 in Pharma, has curated a massive compilation titled Memories Overlooked: A Tribute To The Caretaker. True to its title, the comp features over 90 artists who together pay tribute to Kirby’s six-part exploration of dementia, Everywhere at the end of time. Like that ongoing album, Memories Overlooked is “mixed and arranged in accordance with the advancement of the disease.”

According to Alex Koenig (a.k.a. Nmesh), “The project began as a compilation for the fans, by the fans — yet upon receiving numerous submissions from artists whose family members had battled with dementia, it seemed to take on a more meaningful purpose.” In addition to a track by Koenig himself, other artists on the comp include such TMT-friendly acts as Treasure Hunt, Ben Zimmerman, 猫シ Corp., Diamondstein, and many more.

The best part is that 100% of the digital proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association, a “voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research.” And if you wanna show monetary support for the artists who made it all happen while also ensuring that the medium itself will deteriorate over time, complementing the digital release will be a limited-edition 4x cassette box set, which will be released via No Problema Tapes sometime before the end of the year.

Watch FookedonHonix’s trailer for Memories Overlooked: A Tribute To The Caretaker below, and look for the digital release October 27 via Bandcamp.

Memories Overlooked: A Tribute To The Caretaker tracklist:

01. New Shoppe - Some day (things will get better)
02. qualchan. - Will i see you tonight?
03. /Zarathrusta - Where was that place we were at where the other people live
04. Bonus Fruit - The ships are leaving
05. Memoirs - The age of reason
06. Snakepiss - The ghost of stefan von bon bon bobo
07. Treasure Hunt - Bushwood
08. Aeon Lost - The Colorado lounge
09. Incarta’95 - Longing
10. パラレルドリーマー - Faceless reflection
11. Furaito - I am not the caretaker, I was only dancing while I slept
12. Geordie Southen - I can’t stand seeing you like this
13. Arcipluvian - Esoteric abyss
14. Diamondstein - Nickelodeon
15. aubdat - The faded scent of perfume
16. V//Tomo - The haze begins to fill the cracks
17. Prisoner Pig - J’oublie les détails sordides
18. Thomas Santucci - The seventh stroke of a key
19. reef frequent - Still drowning
20. leaaves – It’s such a tragic world we leave behind
21. Jacques le Boulanger - Begin the beguine
22. 猫シ Corp. - Palm mall (1964)
23. METAPRISE APPLICATIONS - Cubicle nap brings dreams of cryptomnesia
24. Memoirs - Hold me in paradise
25. F nT sm - Full bliss
26. Meat Fairy - Bye bye, blackbird
27. Fed Lithe - Bee mee moo fru hig sul
28. albinotron - The walls are talking
29. Ben Zimmerman - Olde school
30. Lo Five - Roundelay
31. Flown - I only want to talk
32. Furaito - Portland
33. KMRD Radio - Crumbling regime
34. Aeon Lost - The red room
35. Devaso House - Cranial capacity research
36. First Kings - And the dead end in every face
37. BLEECH - Blueprint skyline
38. You, the End - Now you’re fading memory, and that’s just fine
39. Subversive Intentions - Clouds in the mountains, fog in the forest
40. Kotekan - …And one year less
41. Memoirs - Home
42. Ancient Loops - Does your memory stray to a bright summer day?
43. mr_jeep - The sinking of the titanic
44. PowerPCME - Conversations
45. cubus - Even though the ground is steep we cannot fail to reach the sky
46. Chris Kiehne - Blue ghost
47. Ancient Loops - As dark as the night
48. APOXUPON - In my dreams you don’t need a name
49. Broken Machine Films presents… - Haunted beachline
50. Captain Ersatz - Bless our empty dreams
51. St_rD_st - The funland that doesn’t exist
52. roboleptic - Caretaken
53. Confusician - Meditation under cobwebs (1917 version)
54. R0x4ry - Dance until our bodies drop
55. The Grateful Dead UK - Futur antérieur (for Mark Fisher)
56. Mute Channel - It’s time
57. dreyt nien - Ten seconds
58. Ghost Dope - 0909 (Imagine me gone)
59. Auberge - From Timbuktu to Portland, Maine. or Portland, Oregon for that matter
60. m a l i b l u e : ( - Dissociative
61. Sarnadas - No land (edit)
62. VHSテープリワインダー - Blossoms
63. Ancient Loops - The melody of love
64. Kamulja - Demend
65. Tyler Mathoyi - Ciel terne
66. Nmesh - Spirits for coping with spirits
67. Dorosoto - Moonlight factory blues
68. Aeon Lost - The gold room
69. Jude Frankum - One more dance
70. Hex-A-Decimal - And my spirit slipped through the concrete and flesh
71. International Debris - Further back than I care to remember
72. PZA - Mr. Grady, you were the caretaker here
73. Sepha - Abandoned
74. Mim Ilk - Upraise
75. black_ops - Perdition
76. Pray For Triangle Zero - Field of dawn
77. Wry One - Let go
78. 企業災害 - ラジオドリフト
79. anmlmthr - Church090829
80. [THESANITY] - Who threw that ham?
81. Broken Machine Films presents… - My and heighty II
82. My Reaper - Still haunted
83. HCMJ - Wintermond
84. Steel Diamonds - Thoughtless
85. Auberge - Life above the sea at a moment’s glance
86. Tsunxmi - Hikikomori
87. Well - Leave the discussion at this point
88. Sepha - Dragged
89. St_rD_st - The candy shop within the mist
90. Broken Machine Films presents… - My and heighty I
91. Nevhar Anhar - Ballad of the slow mist
92. 無限 Existence - Prime number
93. Jónó Mí Ló - La lutte
94. The Agromaniac - The ashtray echo
95. Auberge - To affirm into vivacity of solitude
96. fdsdf - A dim light beneath the water
97. The CF Corporation - Blackstone
98. Ghost Dope - 0505050505050505
99. THUGWIDOW - De natura sonoris 3
100. Austin Godburn - Reflection

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