Lovely Little Girls

“Buttocks of Gloss”

With proper editing behind-the-scenes becomes theater when the make-up has already been applied. Make-up accelerates transformation; with make-up, a masquerader can conduct spirit, even while sitting there, in the green room, in Chicago, sitting still. Let the mask do the talking, and the bullshit do the…

The mask maneuvers the musician into the proper mood, the proper slot. Reflexive; muscle memory reciting spirit. Expanded bullet casing moves in slow reverse, back through the back of the skull, back out the mouth, then expands again, before it transmutes into bar vapor purr. The vapor cloud covers the patrons. Just as they settle back into the thick, the fade out…

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Magic Fades


Here on the video colab for Magic Fades newest single “2 VIRGINS 1 POSEBALL” is Michael Green and his girlfriend, Michelle McKay (a.k.a. SalineDion) in the grandest Second Life sextape ever conceptualized. Set against a castle back-drop, SalineDion and officialmichaelgreenv6 get it on like glimmering, trained fucking professionals. And they resurrect Titanic. Do I even feel like this is NSFW? Am I pitching a tent right now because of officialmichaelgreenv6’s SecondLife hair or because of Michael Green’s IRL bravado hairstyle? It’s both, including Magic Fades’ tapped out warp drumming, lightly fingered keys, and sensual whispers making me feel the porn of thought in “2 VIRGINS 1 POSEBALL.”

I’ve actually thought about this a lot, but I’d never fuck one of my co-workers (RE: NSFW). However, I’d definitely WATCH most co-worker’s sextapes. For sure. IRL it’d be like “I’m done. And going home. See you tomorrow?” Sextape, it’d be like *snickers and ducks down the stairs* So why isn’t SecondLife sextapes WAY more available for people to make? Maybe it is. Michael Green just set up the tutorial. Magic Fads set the soundtrack bar HIGH with “2 VIRGINS 1 POSEBALL.” And now all you gotta do is head to XHURCH SL to help contribute to Green’s SecondLife experimentation, and maybe he’ll offer a little more. Maybe some portrait posing. All I fucking want is an Oculus Rift set up so i can virtually fuck myself.

“It must be onerous to be GOD” –officialmichaelgreenv6

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Le Scrambled Debutante

Delicious Troglodyte

  Who is going to wear the trog suit tonight and pass out the crumbling soul cakes up and down a New England alley studio set, for the new mini-series that is running over budget, intentionally, to keep the crew at task? A hippie undertaker will trail the one who chooses to wear the trog suit, tipping their tall hat and dropping their faces to the crumbs on the asphalt. Their long hair moves as an affectionate pet would move.

Back at the academy, everyone but the one who chooses to wear the trog suit will enjoy their time alone in instruction. A blasted face of ‘teacher’ shakes into a transmission feuding with roadside interruption.

Hell in a monk’s cell…one by one they start to slip, the honeymoon sounds of the apartment appliances becomes a disturbance in their familiarity. The face clicks off. The face has been recorded onto every pair of eyes; it flashes red and black with a profile that might as well be Alfred E. Neuman than ‘teacher.’

  sSophomore spontaneity – speedy, one year as opposed to fifteen years. A speedy one year of Golden Gloved work that takes its time in its delivery, does all the astral traveling and soul cake crumbling so we don’t have to
  on easy street, we take ‘em in, this happy-hour-plus of easy experimental amusements – zounds.

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Straight from their newest album The Bower (steaming below) on MIE Music, the Pigeons are on the creative rise with video artist and Kentuckian Ma Turner in their newest flick for single “Foxglove.” Pairing creatively occurring visuals with the wandering guitar and flute and layered simplicity of translucent in sync with the layered vocal depths, Turner shells out some low-budget, DIY vibes that exactly match the concept I have of Pigeons’ music. There’s a peacefulness to their lax in how composed and driven their sound is, and these Turner drawings really detail the insinuation of that bare-bones but entirely soulful atmosphere.

The Bower is out NOW on MIE Music via LP and/or digital. Scope it below and feel the Pigeons’ majesty of music, as they’ve been fucking around on the scene since 2008, so they’ve a good range of intention and direction. And grip it yourself RIGHT HERE.

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The Garment District

“The Feral Surfers”

Whatever wave you’re riding, The Garment District will tint it purple-green with the “The Feral Surfers.” Cut with menacing keys and wash-out stark guitar, backed by a beat that just remains, “The Feral Surfers” hang-ten with the grimiest hang-loose hand gestures. Barnacle boards helping them defend against on-coming sharks or other surfers swimming in the water. Seaweed-woven clothes that have dried to parts of their tan, leather skins. Naturally knotted sun-bleached dreadlocks. Some using seashells in place of missing teeth. Occultist fans waving from the shore. “The Feral Surfers” pull a mean hang-10 in total The Garment District fashion.

The Garment District just popped Luminous Toxin on Kendra Steiner Editions, featuring single “The Feral Surfers.” Grip it NOW for a spin and flex on “The Feral Surfers” below before the new album arrives:

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