Fire Plays Dub Landing

Sorta out of left-field, as all of Fire Plays Dub Landing stretches for about 22 minutes, this tape came at me (as always) from an anonymous e-mailer [Fire], and it’s burning. It’s like torching your pipe with the hot end of a pistol, considering the j-card art. But completely in a zone that’s cooked in a bath of dub, stripped of it’s reel and duct-taped in warps of bow-tie wrapped echos and chambers of colossal infinity. There’s so much space in the emptiness of Fire Plays Dub Landing that locations feel more like unexplored regions of minds, like going back to that elementary school you once grew up in, looking for nooks and crannies in crevasses you remember, but never actually ventured into. A forgotten nostalgia that follows you in dreams, creeping up like a nightmare, but it’s really just a blissful sleep paralysis, and laying there in the wonder of wake/REM euphoria, finding Fire in a smashed mirage, will you then come to the odyssey of dub madness. It’s pure in a silk way that has little pulled sections of strands. It’s lit and charring into the residual. It’s Fire Plays Dub Landing. GRIP THE TAPE!!!

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Golden Donna


I can get a lot of mileage out of a minimal techno act, especially if they lay down some very smooth grooves for 7-10 minutes. Thankfully, that’s a lot of what Joel Shanahan’s new Golden Donna EP, Seedy Approach, is allllll about! Big shout out to my dawg Bobby Power over at Decoder for making me wise to this release, because this for sure would have flown under my radar without his seasoned internet surfing ways to guide me.

“Secrets” has that crisp percussion and deep house synths that make Shanahan’s works as GD or Auscultation such a treat to jam. This dude has had a stellar year, and you’ll already know if you’re one of the lucky ones who caught his L’étreinte Imaginaire tape on 100% Silk this summer. Seedy Approach is a perfect cap to the year for GD, lest he have something else that’s set for an end of the year “drop”? That’d be sick if he did, but if not, it’s all good, my friends. Seedy Approach is currently available in vinyl and digital via CGI Records. Grab your copy here.

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Immediately, I thought babysitter was a girl-pop group. So I’m a shithead. But also, Babysitter is flanging me into Taco Bell solstice rn. It feels good to just grind on some rock sometimes. No, if you’ve lyrics in your music, I will not pay any attention, although I understand the implication of someone writing this, but think of singing as I do this writing in a post, on a daily basis, and it’s really just the same thing, only people click and listen and never read my nonsense. How can I relate this to Adventures in Babysitting? Remember that part in the chop-shop, when the kids and Elisabeth were on the ceiling trying to steal their car back? Yes! This music is the soundtrack to getting your flat-tired station wagon back so the thieve mechanics don’t see you. It’s slick and sleuthy in minor chords and easy listening if you’re just grinding off cereal numbers on a retro drop top next to the babysitter’s whip. All ya gotta do is drop in and burn out. Fuck the garage door, drive right on through and straight to the basement jam sesh. For real, Babysitter is the prefect night-VHS burner at witching hour. So get lit:

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Tura Mali

“This Former Side of Earth”

If you haven’t kept up with the sporadic post-Company-Flow output of Bigg Jus a.k.a. Lune TNS a.k.a. Justoleum Kingspitter, that’s OK, because once again we’re dealing with an artist whose work is decades, if not centuries, ahead of its time, so you have a while to catch up. Basically, though, each track linked to in that sentence is essential listening. If you want to work your way backward, start here, with “This Former Side of Earth,” the first single from Kingspitter’s new duo, Tura Mali, which teams him with Chicago-based “sound designer and healer” DJ M. Elle.

In addition to streaming the Bayonetta gameplay dub above, you can purchase the song and its instrumental via Amazon and iTunes, respectively, and sign up for their mailing list to be sent an additional track.

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Don’t Take Her For Granted

D/P/I gets back from an ∞ long tour with Sun Araw Band – burning gazebos and breathing in effects across the world – and drops a mix (assumably dedicated) to the love of his life (but in terms of Man Talk International LOL) and entitled it, Don’t Take Her For Granted. DUH! And he knows you don’t smoke weed, but this D/P/I will get you HIGH today on this class-style Alex Gray mixing. Ad Hocc (TMT Review) is a monster of music for 2015, yeah. But Don’t Take Her For Granted is that refreshing bit of D/P/I we all know still exists. Dude just needed a break for a bit on tour after crushing his skull with six 41 minute and 34 second tracks. You really do hear it all in Don’t Take Her For Granted: influence from calmly flailing at live shows, Duppy Gun musterings, Drake x Ahnnu groundings, Chance Image(s), Barnaby Bennett’s private vinyl collection, DJ Purple Image hip horpin’ & an Ad Hocc dipped ending. It’s not just for FANS ONLY, either. It’s the a complete history of the Alex Gray soul. Always stoked on what’s next!


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