Jon Oh

“BBQ Grill”

Jon Oh also goes by Mr. No Condom and Your Favorite Black Guy. In other words, he’s the type of dude you want to have at your Memorial Day celebration this weekend. But unless you’re in the Charleston, SC area, that’s probably not going to work out. Fortunately, you can still feel like you’re partying with Jon Oh by throwing something “Like Groceries” on the “BBQ Grill” while backyard boogieing to the jazzy loops of Sticky Hope playing accompaniment to Oh’s yak-matic patter.

Stream/download “BBQ Grill” below and look for Jon Oh’s upcoming album, Temporary Monday, which is currently being mixed and due out soon.

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From their album Redial, released as a double-album cassette with Dialler on Illuminated Paths earlier this February, PolyGolve returns to the kaleidoscopic intensity with a video for sweat-beader, “Czarist.” Phoning in a signal of looping keys, “Czarist” marches to a drum that’s equally smeared as well as it is back-dropped and faded in and out. Sirens wail throughout with a granular wobble that transplants minds into hedges on the lamb. Blues merge with pupils into flourishing mind gases that bloom thought as one would think of something and then immediately forget to answer.

“Czarist” starts out the album Redial, and it further goes-in on zones that colors cannot reach: Music. Pick up Redial on the reel today via Illuminated Paths, and go for the Friday magic:

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Zao Dha Diet

“The Contest”

What’s the end-all here? Who wins “The Contest?” Why, even, though, like– shouldn’t there be balance? “I’m confused, was it something I said?” Maintenance is mostly unbecoming, right? That’s literal! “The Contest” is quite literal. Like, musical articulation. Think of having arrived at Maxxi Museum in Rome to see (I think) Zao Dha Diet’s exhibit of “The Contest” last April. Imagine the length of your intestines at orgasm, though. It’s so much you’re dealing with there/here/now. And the moment that wasted coworker is looking for reports, and you ask need a glass of water? to a frantically/pridefully stumbling-away lump of flesh, it’s all tumbling, yeah.

“The Contest” exhibit audio from the Maxxi Museum defines this below:

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For a long time now, I’ve been drawing a line between two forms of making modern music: vibrated creation and synthetic creation. Yes, they can combine them, but the further you midi a vibrated instrument’s sound (i.e. string instrument, tapped persecution, wind resonated hollow body, voice box, etc.) the more it becomes less of that. Neither negatively or poorly, though. It just seems as though in the modern world of music making, more people choose to laptop their works, rather than refine the primitive sound vibration. Either works, it’s just more satisfying when you hear modern composition of the purely natural kind. Maybe it’s even holistic, if you believe. But when you hear an album entirely composed on your favorite instrument – xylophone all day, bb – and that instrument was MADE by the composer of this work, it feels as though all the ailments in your life are set adrift. So SK Kakraba Lobi’s “PIRIFU” helps me throw up on a Friday like a cool breeze in Ghana.


SK Kakraba Lobi is a Master Xylophonist from Ghana, the son of Master Xlophonist Kakraba Lobi. SK is a Master of the Gyil, which means that he is both an instrument maker and a virtuoso performer. The Gyil is the Ghanaian Xylophone, and the primary instrument of the Lobi, Sisala, and Dagara people of Northern Ghana. It is constructed of 14 wooden slats suspended over calabash gourds that have been fitted with resonators.

Pre-order SK Kakraba Lobi’s YONYE via Drag City sister-label Sun Ark, and get yourself a little bit closer to musical paradise. And until it arrives, keep “PIRIFU” on repeat:

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Species Pluralis

(20:12), 06-V-2015, Spring

☯the realization you don’t gaze anymore☯

☯achieving natural potential and wanting more☯

☯tfw Jarrod Fowler buys all your tapes☯

☯pronouncing Taku Unami correctly☯

☯watering the land on which you live☯

☯cont. to find bliss in everything☯

☯seeing you; i see you, b☯

☯Earth will antiquate human beings☯


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