Marble Sky

“A Shining Juniper”

One thing I’ve admired about Alex Cobb’s Students of Decay imprint is the consistently jaw-dropping array of noise, drone, and ambient works he has put out for close to a decade. From the complex electro-acoustic compositions of Anne Guthrie to the gorgeous oceans of sound on the recent Mark Banning reissue, SoD adds another stellar entry to the catalog with Marble Sky’s forthcoming eponymous 2xLP (due out in mid-September). One of the many musical aliases of Jeff Witscher (best known as Rene Hell), the record is a vinyl reissue of a set of limited cassette releases from the latter half of the 2000s. “A Shining Jupiter,” which is streaming below, is a 15-minute piece that leaves an indelible mark with its stirring, contemplative sound. Find a quiet, secluded place, throw on some headphones, and let this track work its magic. It’ll whet your appetite for the rest of the record, and based on the other samples available at the SoD Soundcloud, Marble Sky will be a prized possession for all those ambient/noise heads out there.

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L-Vis 1990

Overdrive Infinity #30 (Part 2)

I’m gonna coin a new term here, if that’s okay – it’s called “FOMBO,” short for FEAR-OF-MAYBE-BEING-“OFF.” Now, this fear primarily arises when you see someone who is especially “on.” Here are a few examples of this playing out:

1. You see someone dressed perfectly. Maybe they look like this, just casually hanging with BF Bok Bok and Super Mario. You know they’re all so on; you feel a slight mixture of intrigue and self-consciousness. And then…*FOMBO*

2. Someone says the perfect thing in a high-pressure conversation. Maybe they deliver a great punchline, or, maybe they say something like “Pope Francis is so down to earth.” You say nothing, maybe grab a drink, and then…*FOMBO*

3. You watch this mix by L-Vis 1990. First, you may notice his sunglasses, his haircut, how fucking cool the guy looks. Then, you observe how well he plays off spilling his beverage, taking note how he nonchalantly pats Teki Latex on the back. He probably whispers something like “Thanks Teki, you’re a real pal.” You witness incredible transition after incredible transition, and realize how much of a maestro the dude is. You remember that he just helped pen the Club Constructions manifesto, and think to yourself, “Oh great, there might be an opportunity for me to be that on. ” But FINALLY, you see that L-vis 1990 is making Greek / Roman sculptures and squishy 3D projections seem totally FRESH. You mutter “Wow, that dude is fucking on,” then, inevitably…*FOMBO*

Get over the FOMBO, then re-watch the fantastic Overdrive Infinity Mix via Dailymotion above.

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Hype Williams

“Kim Gordon” / “Ƒlexin”

“…Back from the deead…” (*posthumous Pimp C voice*)

Well, two new songs from Hype Williams are now up on “their” SoundCloud to stream and download. One is called “Kim Gordon” (featuring vocalist Liquid Thompson) and the other is “Ƒlexin” (featuring a vocalist more closely associated with Maybach Music Group). Both may be from a new album forthcoming on Hyperdub, which now looks to potentially be titled Forever. You’d think after ~5 years of this type of activity from Dean Blunt and associates we’d have a tighter mental grip on what’s happening here, but if there’s one constant through all the albums and the promotional flaming hoops, it’s the sensation that we haven’t gotten there yet and that we’re already too late.

When asked for further clarification, we received the following message:

“oh where oh where can Jah love be now”

Dean Blunt’s Black Metal is also forthcoming from Rough Trade.

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濡らす[ wet ] d r e a m s *

Dis muh fuckin’ V E S A here on the sly-ass 濡らす[ wet ] d r e a m s *, cum on the sheets beats with all that morning after, OJ to lips pucker thirst quench that is absolutely themed here in all sorts of liquid mixing. Since his split with sample-voodooist BessedOf, V E S A has been keeping current with Bootleg Tapes’ out-of-sync loa-loops movement and births into the world something purer than reality itself. Nothing is as good as them 濡らす[ wet ] d r e a m s *. Closing your eyes. Drifting to a place of bliss and happiness; where “standstill” is more than just an untouched orgasm. Like robbing a bank and peaking climax in the middle of it and everyone after is just like <_< …… >_> …… ‘_’ …. did that just happen?

濡らす[ wet ] d r e a m s * by V E S A is happening immediately via Bootleg Tapes, so fucking grip it already and give that fellah some work to do:

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“#RockthatRock” (Official Ring Pop Music Video)

My coworker and I arrived at Gramercy Theater around 3PM and started setting up, but there wasn’t really anything to do. She (full-time) and I (occasionally) work for this company that rents out photobooths for events, although actually it’s more of a backdrop than a photobooth. The idea is that people get their picture taken and it prints a little logo (called the “overlay” in industry speak) of whatever company hired the booth on top of the picture, in this case Ring Pop.

Ring Pop not only hired the photobooth to promote their product, but also this teen sensation band called R5 to write a song about Ring Pops, called “Rock That Rock.” The ring is the rock, you should display it proudly, or “rock it,” but also it’s a pun on rock music, you get the idea.

“Stand over there.” My friend instructed; it was time for some test shots, with yours truly as the subject. I put on some oversized glittery glasses (one of the many photobooth props) and a sequin fedora for good measure. When you laugh at work, you’re never sure if it’s a real laugh or just an attempt to convince yourself you’re not miserable.

Suddenly, the hundreds of preteen girls that had been lined up outside Gramercy Theater, stretching all the way around the block down Lexington Ave., came stampeding in en masse. We still weren’t fully set up, which didn’t matter since precisely zero of the girls in attendance cared in any way about getting their picture taken, or anything other than being as close to the band as possible, and several fights almost broke out over who got to be a few inches closer to the stage.

The lights go dim. A video comes on. The official “Rock That Rock” video, followed immediately by the band’s much applauded entrance onto the stage, who then played the exact same song live. They played about a half dozen songs. They looked like they sort of cared. They would slip in and out of self-awareness of their own status as a boy band, extremely popular, but with little to no artistic credibility, destined to be replaced by the next big thing in probably less than a year, but also aware that their alternative would be working some shitty day job, i.e., mine. Me and R5 were both stuck working at Gramercy Theater that day, but they were on stage and probably making a lot more money than I was; probably they figured that Rocking That Rock was a decent gig and they went for it. I don’t blame them.

There was also a little temporary tattoo both, free popcorn and soda, and some people giving out Ring Pop T-shirts. Of all those hired groups, I’m proud to say that we were the first to get the hell out of there, and in record time, out the door by 6:30 or so. “Say 8:00 on your invoice,” she told me, and I did.

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