Winter Drones

“Winnie Cooper’s Bones”

Winter Drones, the moniker of Hush Arbors’ guitarist Leon Dufficy, released its debut album, Blood in the Coffin, earlier this year on cassette via micro-label Sexbeat Records. Haven’t heard of it? Well, that’s where Weird Forest comes in: the Sacramento label is giving the newly remastered-by-Pete-Swanson album a wider release come December, and as everyone knows, anything remastered by Pete Swanson (formerly of Dogville Yellow Swans, by the way) is, at the very least, worth listening to.

A follow-up full-length is due sometime in 2011 on Weird Forest.

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“The Merry Barracks”

Deerhoof are back: the group’s new album, Deerhoof vs. Evil, is due January 25 on their new label, Polyvinyl Records. Traitors! JK!

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Avey Tare

“Lucky 1”

Down There. October 26. Paw Tracks. Etc.

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A Classic Education

“I Lost Time”

Here is A Classic Education’s video for “I Lost Time.” The track is off the Hey There Stranger EP, which was released last month on the sexy-but-I-can’t-have-none-of-it-because-I’m-married Lefse.

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Avey Tare

“Lucky 1”

Avey Tare, drummer of The Animal Collection, will be releasing his first solo album, Down There, on October 26 via Paw Tracks (Ani DiFranco’s label). Aside from Animal Collection releases, Avey also released Pullhair Rubeye in 2007 with Icelandic singer Björk. It caused quite the controversy because the album was spread across four discs intended to be played simultaneously. Meanwhile, The Animal Collection released a film on DVD called ODDSAC, which tells the story of a bunch of people humping trashcans. Björk starred in the film and sang a duet with Muse singer Tom Yorke.

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