Cicciolina Holocaust/Sermonizer

Albeit Albeit/Sibelius Spiders (Split LP)

Self proclaimed electronic archivers Forced Nostalgia give us a reissue of this pioneering early-drone split between Cicciolina Holocaust and Sermonizer. Brimming with abstract guitar ambiance and scuzzy, sometimes rhythmic synth tones, both sides evoke a totally dark and menacing haze, like outtakes from a Tarkovsky sci-fi epic. Preview three tracks via soundcloud.

• Sermonizer:
• Forced Nostalgia:


Dedication [full-album stream]

Zomby’s mystique is dependent on his ability to hide his identity. He covers his mug in pictures, wears masks while DJing, and sometimes doesn’t even show up to gigs (like Animal Collective’s recent ATP fest). It’s a tale as a old as time: Zomby’s resisting commodification. But what we do know about Zomby is that he’s a fantastic producer, uses hair product, and has a new album, Dedication, due July 12.

We posted the video for “Things Fall Apart” (a collaboration with Panda Bear) already, but Fact found a stream of the entire album over at German store HHV. Check it out here:

• Zomby:
• 4AD:

Eliane Radigue

“Transamorem - Transmortem”

On June 28, Important will release Eliane Radigue’s “Transamorem - Transmortem.” The composition, originally a sound installation, was premiered with several others in the 1970s in New York, where Radigue played them for the public via magnetic tape. After a few presentations, Radigue packed the tapes away until proposals were made to have them released. The release of “Transamorem - Transmortem,” then, is the result of more than 30 years of waiting for this particular composition, whose minimal shifts are equally rewarding for those willing to wait for it. Check out the excerpt above.

• Important:

Ford & Lopatin

“World of Regret”

Ford & Lopatin, the production team made up of Joel Ford (Tigercity) and Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), have a new video for their freshly released full-length debut, Channel Pressure (TMT Review). Directed by Tabor Robak and Thunder Horse Video (who are responsible for this), the video finally allows us to get a glimpse into just how Tim Ford and Eric Lopatin eat their food.

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• Mexican Summer:


“Ironbody of Trust”

In 2007, Balroynigress released Shampoo & Champagne, and we loved it. A couple years later, they contributed to our benefit compilation an exclusive track entitled “Dress The Ship in Black,” which eventually became the title of their S&C follow-up (released last year on Kning Disk). The video above is for “Ironbody of Trust,” the album’s leadoff track.

• Balroynigress:
• Kning Disk:


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