No Age

Perform new songs for Daytrotter Session

No Age are working on a new album. You can preview three new tracks from it courtesy of their recent Daytrotter Session, which is available as a stream or download.

• No Age:
• Daytrotter:

Alan Licht & Loren Connors

“Map of Dusk (excerpt)”

Alan Licht and Loren Connors’ sixth album, Into the Night Sky, is due February 23 on Family Vineyard.

• Alan Licht:
• Loren Connors:
• Family Vineyard:

Fela Kuti

“Chop ‘N Quench”

Here’s a stream of four Fela Kuti songs with over 40 minutes of music. The tracks are off the upcoming Chop ‘N Quench set, which features nine remastered Kuti albums that represent his early period (1969-1974). Buy me a copy today!

• Fela Kuti:
• Knitting Factory:


“Stand And Encounter”

After two EPs, one full-length, and several tours, Gowns have officially called it quits (FUCK!). The 17-minute “Stand And Encounter” was posted on Gowns member Erika Anderson’s blog as a free download. Here’s what she had to say about the track:

Before [breaking up], we were just finishing work on a piece for our next record, and I think in many ways it’s one of the best things we’ve done. At 17 minutes long, it’s a good representation of everyone doing the best of what they do best: it’s got Corey’s frenetic yet graceful drum patterns, Ezra’s swelling viola drones, a rhythmic and powerful guitar line, and a vocal and lyrical style that is at once direct and oblique.

You can read the rest of the obituary in our news section.

• Erika Anderson:
• Ezra Buchla:
• Corey Fogel:
• Cardboard:


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